Why networking is important for a startup

The boring intro

Kids these days like to call it “Street Rep” but lets just stick with the simple term “networking”. Have you ever wondered how strong your network is? When we say network, we are referring to your friends, family, colleagues and even those that you bump into on a day-to-day basis that share the same interest as you. If you’re an entrepreneur, doctor, musician or the person that sweeps the floor at your local Tesco it doesn’t matter – networking will play a part in your life.

There are many books that teach how strong you can make your network and how it can be used as a weapon to achieve your dream job. You’ll find people spending countless hours updating their LinkedIn profile trying to make it look pretty just to keep their image positive within their network.

Better networking = Better efficiency

For a startup company, networking can be the difference between success and failure. Just imagine you are trying to tap into a market that is suited to your network. The more you speak to your network, the more you will be able to develop your service; thus your reach will be higher as well as it being targeted. This is because those that are in your network are likely to have contacts within the same field as you… So before you know it, 2nd /  3rd degree connections will hear about your business and this can cause a viral effect depending on how strong your service is.

Practice makes perfect? Damn right.

The more you speak about the services you offer, you will only get better and better on how to master pitch it to potential users that will use your service. You will find questions being thrown at you and slowly you’ll realize that it’s the same questions that people have and since you’ve answered it already, you’ll only answer it even better the next time someone asks you. Practicing will make you feel like a super human and improve your confidence to the next level.

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To conclude this masterpiece with a quote “The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work” – Robert Kiyosaki

How much importance have you given to networking in your life? Leave your comments below… We’d love to get your thoughts!

Zak Shah

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