Top technology experts you should be following on Twitter


Twitter is a fantastic place to follow people and get to know what they are up to throughout their daily routine. You can follow anyone; you’re close friends, politicians, musicians, sports stars, actors and all types of celebrities!


The top technology experts you must follow on Twitter!

If you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest technology news and happenings, then twitter is the best place for it. With real time updates, you can be sure of never missing a beat on the latest news.


But you must also know who the influential people are in the world of technology and what twitter handles are they using.  Click Here to read how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr got initial viral growth.


Here are a few amazing technology experts that you can follow on Twitter:


–          Chris Anderson (@chr1sa)

chris anderson editor in chief of wired magazine

Lives in: Berkeley, California

Chris is the editor-in-chief of the technology magazine, Wired. He is the prestigious winner of the National Magazine Award for excellence during his period. He is a resident of Berkeley, California. He is also the founder of


Chris regularly keeps his fans updated with the latest technology news (mostly from his own website) on his Twitter handle @chr1sa


–          Michael Arrington (@techcrunch)

Michael Arrington Techcrunch

Lives in: Seattle Washington

Mr. Arrington is the founder and former co-editor of the famous blog, TechCrunch. It is a blog that covers the best Silicon Valley technology start-up ventures and communities in specific and a general overview of the technological landscape in US and other parts of the world. Numerous magazines, including Forbes and Wired have titled Mr. Arrington as one of the most powerful people on the internet.


Michael Arrington, was selected by Time Magazine in 2008 as one of the most influential people in the world, and you can follow him on Twitter at his handle @techcrunch (He uses the official techcrunch account, and most of his tweets are merely article updates)


–          Matt Cutts (@mattcutts)

matt cutts seo expertMatt Cutts is a software engineer at Google since the year 2000 and specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) issues at Google. He is a Ph.D in computer graphics and has also earned an M.S. in both mathematics and computer science.


Matt Cutts regularly tweets about his daily routine and the latest in SEO news on Twitter. He’s quite friendly and forward with his followers and tries to respond whenever possible. You can follow him on his twitter handle at @mattcutts


–          Ryan Block (@ryan)

ryan block gdgt

Lives in: San Francisco, California

Ryan block is a technology fan and a famed critic. Previously, he was the editor-in-chief of Engadget. Now, he’s the co-founder of


Ryan started his online journalism career with the popular technology news website Engadget in 2004. He soon took over the editor-in-chief position in 2007 after replacing the website’s creator, Peter Rojas. He resigned from his position on Engadget to start up a new company called gdgt; a community based discussion forum that provides the latest reviews and previews on the best gadgets in the market.


Ryan is currently also on the panel of “The Engadget Show”. His residence is in San Francisco, along with his girlfriend. Ryan regularly tweets on his twitter account, and is quite open with his followers. You can follow his at @ryan


–          Chris Pirillo (@chrispirillo)

chris pirillo lockergnome

Lives in: Seattle, Washington

Chris is a self-proclaimed geek, and a technology enthusiast. He is the founder of Lockergnome, which is a network of blogs dedicated to technology and all things geeky. The lockergnome community includes forums, and live discussions on the latest news and gossips in the world of technology. Chris also has his own YouTube channel, which is very popular among his fans. He regularly uploads videos related to computers and reviews on his channel.


Previously, Chris worked for two years at a technology TV show called, “Call for Help”, where he would take live calls to solve people’s issues with their computers. He has a very unique style of interacting with his fans. Most often, you’ll find him to be very goofy but that style of his is what separates him from others. You can follow Chris at @chrispirillo


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