Top Photographers in London City: How to connect with the best in the photography business!

Everyone is in love with photography nowadays. From teenagers to housewives, we are seeing quite an explosion of photography in our society. Digital camera prices have gone down considerably and that has allowed people to buy a DSLR for themselves. A powerful camera in their hands makes them all feel like they’re good at photography. But they’re not.

The field of photography is jam packed with a lot of photographers that have the proper equipment but very few among them have the required talent and expertise. This is where the line is drawn between amateur and professional photography.

Amateur Photography

Amatuer photographyAnyone can be an amateur photographer. All you need is a decent camera and a bit of knowledge about  the basics of photography. But the amateur photographers don’t have the basic training of how to operate their cameras or even how to snap a photo in frame.

So eventually, we are seeing a worrying rise in blurry, out of focus and sometimes even with that annoying thumb obscuring half of the image. Even with some decent support equipment like a tripod, you cannot expect to compete with the very best in the field.

Professional Photography

photographersSo what makes a person a professional in the field of photography? For starters, you need a mixture of education, knowledge, experience, creativity, imagination, portfolios and professional networks.

Professional photographers, unlike their amateur counterparts, earn handsome levels of income.

What kind of education is required for professional photography?

Hopeful photographers who want to really polish their skills and stand out from the rest can do so by taking admission in a four year program at any of their local photography school. However, the important thing is to understand that formal education can never be a successful path if a person has weak creative skills. There must be passion within the person himself to learn and try out new ideas and concepts in order to reach the level of professional photographers. Just by enrolling in to a reputed photography school with lessons from a credible instructor can never guarantee that you will become a trained professional photographer. The effort must always come from within. Actually, most successful photographers have been self-trained having learnt the skills from books or ‘trial and error’ basis.

How much experience do you need to be a considered a professional?

To be termed as a professional, you need to have both the expertise and the knowledge of advance level photography. Many professional photographers start their careers under the supervision of experienced photographers. A minimum of 3 years is considered good enough to be ranked with the professionals in the field. Professional photographers understand advanced work like lighting environments, night-time shoots, wedding coverage and studio portraits.

The need for a Portfolio

Every professional photographer must have a complete set of samples of his work ready to be shown to prospective clients whenever needed. These portfolios allow clients to make a sense of the photographer’s skills and expertise. A portfolio may also contain certain praises and testimonials from past customers as references.

Types of Photography

A skilled photographer can take a good image of pretty much anything, but every individual photographer has a special expertise which may include family portraits, food snaps, event coverage, and fashion shoots among many others. Below are some of the few types of photographers:

Portrait Photography

Portrait photographersThese types of photographers often work from the comfort of their studios. They mostly are strong in individual and family portraits, which can be as a package with an event like a wedding or a birthday celebration.

Many photographers have a variety of scenery setups in their studios while some can arrange a photo sessions at the client’s home resident too.



– Fashion Photography

Fashion photographersThese photographers obviously focus their attention towards working in the fashion industry, which includes covering fashion magazines and fashion shows. They also provide photo-shoots for models required for industry publications.

Fashion photographers also have the advantage to extend their careers towards the music and movie industries which can greatly polish their creative skills and add valuable experience.


– Wedding Photography

Wedding PhotographyPhotographers specializing in weddings cover complete events and offer a variety of packages from reception, engagement and wedding ceremonies.

Wedding photographers have different techniques so it’s important to select a photographer that matches with your wedding.




Food and Objects Photography

Photographers specializing in food, concentrate on covering magazines, cookbooks, restaurants, and websites. Object photographers meanwhile, do the same with non-food objects and items including taking snapshots for marketing publications, catalogs, magazines and other.


Food photography is considered to be the most challenging field and requires the photographer to make the food appear appealing and fresh.
Planning to do some photography in London?London has numerous art schools and institutes that offer a vast range of photography courses, from basic to much focused trainings. This helps people to fulfill all of their requirements. As London is a vibrant city, it is enriched with culture and history, providing photographers with rich and colorful visuals and scenery to capture to their heart’s content.Finding the right photographerstop photographersAre you interested in getting in touch with professional photographers in London? If you want to hire one for an event coverage or just want to learn a few tips and tricks of the trade, finding credible photographers can be quite a hassle. These photographers are hard to track down and get in contact with because they are always out doing work on their projects.These photographers work in a variety of industries doing photography for commercial, news, fine arts, and free-lance concerns. The field is very competitive and congested and requires a very determined effort by clients to find the best photographers.

The best photographers in London

Let us look at some of the most established photographers working in London. There’s no categorization of their expertise and they all are more than capable to cover almost every type of an event. These people are more than just photographers and should be considered as creative artists rather.

So if you’re interested in learning about the art of the photography from the experts or just want to hire them for an upcoming event, read on below for the best photographers available in London.

Stephen Gill

Born in Bristol, UK in 1971 and currently living in Hackney, London; Mr. Stephen Gill got into photography at quite an early age. He has his father to thank for that who gave him the inspiration to start taking snapshots of his passion for birds and animals. He also loves music and incorporates it into his photos.

Stephen’s photos can now be found in numerous private and public collections and also been put on exhibitions at a variety of international museums and including the famous National Portrait Gallery, Victoria Miro Gallery, Gun Gallery, Albert Museum, The Photographer’s Gallery and also in festival shows like The Toronto photography festival and PhotoEspana.

Stephen Gill started his own publishing imprint named ‘Nobody’ in early 2005 so to have complete control over the publishing process over his books. His expertise include working with materials with a hands on approach using methods like lino cut, mono prints, rubber stamps, spray paints, and letter press printing.

He has been recognized by a variety of institutions and organizations, lately of which include the 2001 PhotoEspana Photography Book  Award for ‘Outstanding publishing house of the year’

Toby Smith

Toby is a master of the most artistic photos imaginable with an interest in industrial structures like mines, piers, turbines, and tunnels. He loves to play with rich and cold phosphorescent lights and shadows. Toby has won many awards and recognitions for his contemporary photography with great attention to the environment and natural sceneries.

Tony graduated from LCC with a Masters degree in Photography. His work (both photos and videos) have been featured by clients like Fortune, Time, New York Times, BBC, Sunday Times, Sky News, Sunday Telegraph, and National Geographic.

Noemie Goudal

Noemie’s collection of photos at the Crystal Bennes Salon in London was the point, where she received instant recognition and credibility. Her photos are focused on theatre based events and plays. Her alluring photos drags the person in with a promise of a fairytale story but never gives you one in the end. You’ll have to see the photos for yourself to make sense of it.

Annabel Elgar

Annabel is one of the best photographers in London specializing in contemporary style of photography. She loves taking snaps of black ravens, burning sheds, hanging puppets and puts her own spin of mystery and intrigue in them. Her photos are always slightly unsettling or have an aspect of rituals and traditions in them. You can compare her photography to the movie direction of M Night Shyamalan’s movies.

Jane Ward

Jane’s work involves focusing on photographs of flowers, coastal landscapes, complex digital collages, model villages and various other similar contemporary arts.  Jane Ward’s work is heavily visual and dense which enthralls the viewer. It’s like a mutation of painting and photography. His photos are also concentrated towards producing a soft vision and a very British way of understated irony particularly in his portrait and landscape work.

Tom Hunter

Tom is a Hackney based professional photographer, who was first recognized by the Arts Gallery which happens to have closed down now. He specializes in creating colorful photos representing urban decay, loneliness, uncertain storytelling and alienation mixed a strong infusion of historical references and imitations.

Richard Cook

Richard Cook’s first widely distributed content appeared on Channel 4 New Sensations exhibition in 2009. People were greatly impressed by his graphic based work and the contrast between nature and humans in the same picture frame.

Jonny Briggs

Jonny Briggs is known for his dark and twisted images showing rituals and religious events. He uses both genders heavily in his photos. Topics like self-identity, relationships and darkness are emphasized in his snapshots.

James Sparshatt

James is an expert on Cuba and Latin American culture and traditions. His work aims to bring color, vibrancy, energy, passion and freedom of those people and their lives. His photographs are also about comparing cultures of different nations, seeking identities and the overall market economics. He also runs a comprehensive culture photography gallery.

Stephen Hyde

Stephen Hyde was born in Nottinghamshire and graduated from London University with the BA Honors Degree in History. Soon after that, he turned his attention towards photography, which was inspired by his great grandfather’s Victorian photos.

Stephen has worked with celebrities and also been involved with The Sunday Times Magazine. He’s also been working in the commercial industry with clients like British Airways, Deloitte, Barclays Bank and many others.

Want to get in touch with any of these experts?

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