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Almost every city on this planet has something unique to offer in terms of its culture, traditions, environment and lifestyle. Nothing makes a city more unique than the people residing in it. People are the lifeblood of any city and they are the reason for a city’s image. is presenting a list of people who are influential in their own industries and area of work and who have been contributing to the city’s productiveness and overall positive image. All people mentioned below were all born in, are living or either associated with the city of San Francisco.


– Travis Katz

Travis Katz Gogobot Travis Katz is the CEO and co-founder of Gogobot, which is a social media planning website focusing on stealth stage travel. Travis is an entrepreneur at heart with a successful portfolio in the world of Web 2.0.


Travis has a passion for travelling, and has been to more than 54 countries. Before Gogobot, he ran international business for companies like IGN, Fox Interactive and MySpace.


 Jon Paris

Jon Paris AstridJon Paris is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Astrid, which is a shared To-Do List/Task manager for iPhone, Android and the Web. The program helps people get stuff done by making it easy to create lists of tasks, set priorities, dates, times and a whole lot more. With Astrid, people can organize their goals, share ideas and enjoy their work while they get it done. The application has helped over 1.7 million people and completed over 16 million tasks.


Jon Paris is a native of Bay Area. He studied physics from UC Berkeley. Jon worked as a campus minister at Berkeley and Stanford after graduation before co-founding Astrid.


–  Suleman Ali

Suleman Ali TinyCo FounderSuleman Ali is the Co-founder of TinyCo, which is a mobile games startup company with games like Tiny Village and Tiny Pets for the iPhone and Android.


Suleman founded the company with his high-school classmate Ian Spivey back in the year 2009. Initially the focus was on Facebook apps and games but later the attention was diverted towards mobile gaming platforms thanks to the exponential increase in use of iPhones, iPads and Androids smartphones.


Suleman is a Computer Science graduate (2003) from Georgia Tech.  Suleman also founded social applications startup ‘Esgut’ in 2007, before selling it to Social Gaming Network in 2008. Suleman has also worked at Microsoft in the Windows division department and was involved with the Windows Home Server product for 3 and half years.


–  Justin Kan

Justin Kan Justin.tvJustin Kan is an Internet Entrepreuer and an Investor. He is also the co-founder of, TwitchTV (Live video platforms) and Socialcam (a mobile social video application). He can be considered as the pioneer of the word ‘life-casting’ due to his attempt to broadcast his entire life on


In 2007, Justin and his friends started, which was a 24 hours video feed of Justin’s life, broadcasted via webcam that was attached to his head. The ‘experiment’ went on for around 8 months and in the process caught a lot of media attention. Justin Kan would go out on the streets of San Francisco and get involved with people doing dance lessons and similar random stuff. The idea seemed great and Justin decided to provide a live video platform so that everyone could do what he did. Therefore, was launched in 2007, which is now one of the top live video platforms available on the internet.


Justin has a degree in physics and philosophy from Yale University (Graduation 2005).


–  Matthew Epstein

MATTHEW EPSTEINMatthew Epstein is a product marketer and a digital strategist who helps to bring products to marketing both offline as well as online.


Epstein kicked off his career at an interactive marketing agency as a project manager creating content for various Fortune 500 companies. He worked for a total of 3 years and achieved a lot of success and increased revenue for the company.


But that wasn’t enough for him and he wanted to work in the technology industry as a product marketing manager. With his target in mind, Epstein created a marketing campaign in order to catch the attention of the people with influence so that he could get a job at his favorite technology company, Google.


Just a week after his campaign promotion, Epstein was in the news with more 400,000 unique visits and 430,000 YouTube views. Epstein didn’t end up getting the job offer from Google, but has found his ‘dream job’ at SigFig.


–  Ilana Stern

Ilana Stern weddington dayIlana Stern is the CEO of Weddington Way, an online boutique focusing on providing a platform for a bride to connect with her bridesmaids and pick out their perfect choice of dresses. Following in her father’s footsteps (also an entrepreneur), Ilana founded her business during her 2nd year of MBA program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. After graduation, with the help of a friend, she made her dream into reality by launching a full-fledged business.


Weddington Way helps to bring all brides and bridesmaids together to allow them to connect and shop for the dresses without the burden of time constraints, and distractions. Shopping for wedding dresses should be unforgettable and that’s what Weddington Way aims to achieve. – A platform to make effective connections

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