To get your dream job, do something different

Are you thinking of finding or switching a job? If you are applying for the first time, you must know that the competition out there is fierce and patience will be the key to victory. Applying for a job is a full time job in itself; first you have to go through rigorous application process and then face long waiting periods. During this time one keeps on anticipating the outcome and starts to lose confidence. But if you are lucky enough it will take you at least 30 to 40 applications to get to the interview stage.  Next up will be the gruelling selection process. Getting to this stage is an achievement in itself but the real test begins here as you will have to face series of interviews, full day assessment centres, verbal tests, numerical tests, group exercises, case studies etc. There are very limited places and the competition is high so don’t be surprised if you don’t get the job even after performing exceptionally well. Just know that the selected candidates were much more prepared and well-practiced. Well if you are not new to this game of confidence, patience and anxiousness you would exactly know what I am talking about.

Linkedin has been in the market for quite some time now and has simplified the nerve wrecking job application process by introducing two aspects: Get head hunted by the employers & Contact employers directly. Many job seekers are making good use of Linkedin but still why is the number of people actually getting headhunted so low?  The answer lays in the term “Connections”. Until or unless you have the right connections with the right people, your chances of getting headhunted are quite low. Consider an example where you want to get head hunted by the top consulting firms in UK. You would only stand a chance if the recruiting manager from any of these firms had any connection with you. But don’t you think that it would have been a lot fairer if everyone had an equal opportunity where employer could directly contact anyone in the world. Have you tried using Linkedin to pitch yourself directly to employers? What about contacting any current employees of the organisation for a job referral? Of course you would have as no one minds jumping ahead of the other job applicants and reducing their application response time. But I am pretty sure that Linkedin connections would have played a restricting role again. Unless you know someone who knows the person you are looking for, you can’t see them on Linkedin, contacting them is out of question. Similarly when it comes to receiving guidance and support for the selection process, people want to contact others who have already been through this process.  Talking to current employees or recent applicants can help them improve their understanding of the selection process and better prepare for it. Not being able to contact them directly can prove to be a big hurdle in the way of their success.

What can you do differently to get your dream job? Whether you are job seeker looking to contact the employer/current employee OR you are an employer looking to headhunt, provides you with a perfect platform to directly contact anyone anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Unlike Linkedin you don’t need to have any connection with the person you want to talk to. To ensure that the other person reads your message you have to pay them a small amount. This will let them know that your intent is serious and they will definitely help you out. Try it out yourself


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