Renowned Authors from Mississippi

Donna TarttDonna Tartt

Donna Tartt is a 48 year old writer from Greenwood, Mississippi. She is the author of the novels ‘The Secret History (1992)’ and ‘The Little Friend (2002)’ and won the WH Smith Literary Award for the latter in 2003. For the same novel, she was shortlisted for the 2003 Orange Prize for Fiction. Her genre is fiction, but Donna has also experimented in other domains, albeit in the form of short stories – Sleepy Town, Basketball Season and Team Spirit.

Wright ThompsonWright Thompson

Wright Thompson is a senior sports writer for and ‘ESPN The Magazine’ and has also worked at The Kansas City Star and Times-Picayune in New Orleans. Thompson’s writing career started when he was still a student. He started off with ESPN nearly six years ago and has experience in boxing, basketball, auto racing, cricket, baseball and football among many other sports.

Jess MowryJess Mowry

Writer of 15 books and countless short stories, Jess Mowry is an authority when it comes to writing for children and young adults. As a child, Mowry dropped out of school at age thirteen when he was just in the eighth grade. Little did anybody know that this drop out will one day become one of the best writers of his generation.

He is a socially aware writer, who has refused to be drawn into the glittering world of fame which comes with the main stream writing approach. Mowry has instead concentrated on doing things his way and improve the lives and self-image of black street kids.

Gregory KeyesGregory Keyes

Born in Meridian, Mississippi, Gregory Keyes is a novelist who writes on fantasy and science fiction. Belonging to family which has a history in storytelling, Keyes has produced works as famous as ‘Chosen of the Changeling’, ‘The Age of Unreason’, ‘Babylon 5: The Psi Corps Trilogy’, ‘Star Wars: The New Jedi Order’ and most recently the ‘The Elder Scrolls’, which is based on a video game series. Gregory has a very peculiar style of writing in which he builds a story around different characters linked to a same event in varying capacities and likes to add an element of surprise at the climax.

Greg IlesGreg Iles

Born in Germany, Iles started off as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter for a local Mississippi band. After marrying, he ventured towards writing and made an instantaneous impact with his very first novel, Spandau Phoenix, which was about Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. Published in 1993, this novel became the first of twelve New York Times best sellers and rocketed Iles into the world of fame.

In the years that followed Iles wrote 12 more articles in varying genres and such is the popularity of the man that his books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages and published in more than thirty-five countries worldwide. Iles is also the writer behind TV series trapped and after sustaining a near fatal traffic accident in 2011, he is now back to what he loves best.

Charlaine HarrisCharlaine Harris

One of the biggest names in American mystery novelists, Charlaine has been enchanting the reader for the last 30 years. She started off by doing poems and short stories, and it was only in her collegiate life that she started writing plays. Few years later, she started writing books and as of now, her 13th novel is about to be published. A mother of three, Harris is best known for The Southern Vampire Mysteries series.

Ace AtkinsAce Atkins

Writer of four novels till date, Ace Atkins is a journalist and author, who worked as a crime reporter in the newsroom of The Tampa Tribune before he published his first novel, Crossroad Blues, in 1998.

Atkins writing basically revolves around crime and mystery, and features some of the iconic investigative figures of the past.

Jesmyn WardJesmyn Ward

Winner of the 2011 National Book Award for Fiction and a 2012 Alex Award, Jesmyn Ward is one of the best young novelists and authors of contemporary times and her novels circle around human emotions. Ward became a writer to honour the memory of her younger brother, who was killed by a drunk driver the year she graduated from college. Her second novel focuses on the devastating hurricane Katrina and how it changed the lives of thousands of black Americans.


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