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Next Generation Content Creation Model by Directly.meMake Money before you Create

You have social, personal and professional life experiences but have you ever thought of benefiting from them.  It cost you money to gain an experience but have you ever thought of actually monetizing it by sharing it with others.  Is it because you don’t like to earn extra money or don’t value what you have learnt? The answer to these questions is most people don’t know where to begin.

We all have many life experiences; the question is which one do you think others will pay to access? Although, it may take you a while to come up with something, the chances of you having experiences to share is very high.  Why?  You have done so many things, purchased loads of products and services.  The course of your life has seen many ups and downs, successes and failures – in each case there is a story, ready to be shared with someone who is going through what you already have gone through.  Why is it that most people have hard time trying to come up with something to sell?  Later in this essay, we will help you solve, “what to sell problem”.

You have 100’s of stories to share but monetizing these stories has been hard work.  The traditional content creation model forces you to write your life experiences and when finished, try to sell it.  You took a vacation, research completed just to select your major, finished college, wrote an excellent job cover letter, created a rock star resume, got yourself an interview and aced it, started working, got a promotion, learnt to cope with difficult people, the list goes on and on.  Where will you find time to create all these life experiences, package them for selling and then try to find buyers?  How will you decide, which one to create first and which one will make money? is the force behind it all.

Challenging a status quo is not a smooth road but those who do challenge it and succeed, create new markets enjoyed by millions. has simple steps to allow you to create your life experience. You begin by creating a headline first then you associate a delivery date (length of time for delivery) and price. Eventually you follow the same step with each experience. This way whenever someone pays to buy that particular experience, you have the pre-decided time available to create and share your life experience with the buyer.  In simple words, this approach provides you the liberty to create a table of index of what is in you head instead of creating loads of detailed life experiences. When someone buys one, you can then create and deliver.

We believe; this minimum effortless approach is the most correct and best way to share your life experiences. With the table of index of your mind, you simply list your experiences in beautiful headlines for others to see.  You don’t need to think, which one will sell, instead, list them all.  With our model; you monetize first and then create.  We are turning the content creation and delivery upside down.

More we shared our life experiences in headlines internally, the more we realized; the model is faster, easier and credible. Although we knew each other for a while, our life experiences were not fully known and shared amongst us.  We realized we could truly benefit from each other, based on what we have gone through in life.

Headlines are a very effective way when it comes to consuming information. Even when you are reading newspaper, headlines catch your attention and you select articles to read based on these headlines. When you search something on the internet, you search based on string of words (headline).

What do you have to lose, join right now and start creating a table of content of your brain?  If you have hard time coming up with things to sell, allow our creative team to help you figure things out and our marketing team can help you sell.

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