Meet Shaun Anderson – One of the best SEO experts in UK


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of art and science, which helps optimize your website so that it can be accepted by both humans as well as search engine robots.


SEO is the method of developing websites (and web pages) that can easily be identified, crawled and categorized by various search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)


SEO makes the information on your website more relevant and attractive, so that there are increased chances of people landing on your page for a specific topic rather than visiting the competitor’s page.   What you can do to grow faster than SEO?


Why is SEO so important? Because you wouldn’t want your customers not finding your business would you? Take this from the perspective of a website. How easily can people locate your website? It all depends on how effectively you have worked on your website’s SEO.


How do search engines add a website to their database?

ranking index crawlingSearch engines use their bots (crawlers) to analyze websites and the pages inside them. These pages are scanned, categorized and added to the search engine database. A search engine repeats this process regularly to ensure the website keeps its rating. (This eventually makes up the PR – Page Rank)


The actual information on how a search engine crawls a website and ranks websites is only known to the creators themselves.


This is where the need for an SEO expert is of so much importance. The SEO expert will mold a certain website to the relevant topic that it wants to target. He will also analyze the results of keywords and how they can bring in traffic to the website.


It is therefore the job of an SEO expert to determine which techniques can be used to increase the visibility of a website and increase its ranking for their targeted keywords.


UK’s top SEO expert – Shaun Anderson

Hobo Web Ltd SEO Shaun Anderson has a great amount of respect in UK’s SEO community. He is regarded as one of the top SEO experts in the field. He is currently the “Web Marketing Director” and “Director of SEO and Marketing” at Hobo Web, which is one of the best SEO companies in both UK and Scotland.


Shaun is an expert at on-page SEO, link-building, and internet marketing in general. He has optimized a number of websites relating to diverse industries.


Shaun worked at an advertising agency, Adpartners from 1999-2006, after which he decided to start up his own SEO and website design company, Hobo Web.


Shaun regularly blogs on the Hobo website about the latest trends in SEO and internet marketing, which attracts well over 50 k visitors every month and has a subscriber base of more than 20 k. For this reason, he is quite a well known personality within UK’s SEO community. He also has a free book on offer at his blog which is titled ‘Beginners Guide to Google SEO’.


Shaun Anderson has almost 10 years of experience in the world of search engine optimization and website design. His passion is to make websites that are accessible to all, simple yet effective for the readers. You can check out his contributions at his official blog


Get connected with Shaun Anderson!

If you want to gain some valuable tips regarding SEO and web development, then Shaun Anderson is the person to contact. Shaun provides a valuable opinion on how to optimize a website, which will surely be very beneficial for you.


Whether you want tips on how to start up your own SEO company or have a burning question that you need to find an answer for, Shaun has the required experience and skills to solve your issues.


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