Meet Mario Batali; an expert celebrity chef in New York City


There’s a popular saying among the chef community, “a great chef is a great cook who can also create & maintain a business or kitchen”. And that is what Mario Batali has managed to do.


He is a seasoned chef, writer and the co-owner of many restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Singapore. From his restaurants & vineyards to his own cookbooks & recipes, Mario Batali has achieved a larger than life status in his profession and is considered among the very best. He is a proven expert in Italian food and is a big fan of cooking all his food with olive oil.


Early years

Mario used to wash dishes at a restaurant in New Jersey during his college days. He also did some work at a pizza shop later on. His break came when he was offered a job at ‘Six Bells’ as an assistant in the kitchen.


He was then offered a well paid job at ‘Four Seasons Clift’, San Francisco, in the year 1985, from which he later resigned (1989) and got re-located to a northern Italian village as an apprentice at La Volta. That was where the learned the arts of the best Italian cooking he is so famous for.


Growing business and success

mario batali and joe bastianichMario Batali opened up his first restaurant in 1993 and called it ‘Po’, having a joint ownership with his long time friend, Joe Bastianich. After successful operations, he later went to start up a new and improved restaurant and called it “Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca”.


These two friends have since started a variety of restaurants in major cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Singapore and New York City.


Babbo Restaurant in NYC

Babbo Restaurant new york cityMario co-owns this restaurant with his good friend, Joe Bastianich. The restaurant was opened for business in 1998 and has since then been successfully able to provide the best Italian food in the city. The quality of food is quite apparent as the philosophy towards making their food is to use the best local ingredients and serve them with simplicity.


Babbo is the place to go if you want to have your favorite regional classics, similar to the ones that you’ll find throughout Italy. The Italian culture in this place is celebrated to its fullest.


Achieving a celebrity status

mario molto food networkMario accepted the offer of running a cooking show “Molto Mario” on the Food Network. That earned him a lot of respect and recognition in his profession, not to mention a legion of loyal fans.


Mario has also been involved as a judge in the chef reality show “Iron Chef America”.



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