Meet Frank Lampard; the Chelsea attack machine!


Frank Lampard is considered as one of the best midfield football players of his time. He is currently 33 (born in 1978) and still has a few years of hardcore football action left in him. Currently, he is the vice captain of his club side, Chelsea, and he also plays for national England team.


Start of career

Lampard started his career for West Ham United, which was his father’s (Lampard Sr.) former club. He managed to get a place in the side in the 1997-1998 seasons and helped the side secure a 5th place finish in the Premier League the following season.


Joining at Chelsea

In 2001, Frank was offered a £11 million offer from Chelsea, and he decided to take it. Right from his joining at Chelsea, he showed talent and impressed everyone with his defensive and attacking skills. He has been playing ever since, non-stop, playing a total of 164 games (and counting) for Chelsea.

Frank Lampard Goals

Lampard showed his ability to score goals and played a key part in the consecutive titles in the Premier League in 2004 and 2005 seasons.


In 2008, Lampard was offered a new contract, which made him the highest paid Premier League football player at that time.


Continued success and awards

In December 2009, Lampard was given the honor to be named as the Premier League’s “Player of the decade” title, backed up by official stats and figures. His 2009-2010 season was the most successful of his career, in which he managed to win the Premier League & FA Cup titles, while scoring a total 22 goals and 17 goal assists.


Frank Lampard has also been awarded the “Chelsea player of the year” title a total of three times from his club. He is Chelsea’s 3rd all time goal-scorer with a total of 178 goals to his name.


In June 2011, he was named as the 49th highest paid sportsman in the world.


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