Luc Levesque – web entrepreneur and founder of TravelPod is highlighting Luc Levesque; a web entrepreneur from Ottawa, who founded


We provide a platform that will change how you connect with people and will make sense of the six degrees of separation concept.  Find out more about at the bottom.


Luc Levesque
Luc Levesque got to be one of the most upfront individuals around; really hard working, smart and ethical.  It’s people like Luc who made Ottawa the silicon valley of Canada.  He was only 21 when he founded TravelPod. This was before Steve jobs saved his company by coming up with pods of his own!. Luc grew TravelPod to one of the largest travel blogging website in the world. Not only he articulated his business dream into reality and created a successful business, he went a step further and tasted a successful exit., one of the largest travel sites in the world could not resist and ended up making Luc an offer for the world’s largest travel blog.

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Luc put ten hard years into making his dream a reality and along the way learnt all sorts of business lessons but most importantly he built a name for himself and established a network that extends beyond the borders of Ottawa, Canada.  They say success is destined for those who are destined for greatness; I think they were talking about Luc.


Luc ’s achievements:

– Started TravelPod at the age of 21


– Sold TravelPod to Expedia


– Recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 award when he was only 33


– Created award winning products such as the Traveler IQ Challenge


– Advisor to companies such as Gazaro and is also a mentor with startup incubator FoundersFuel.


– Graduated with Honours in computer engineering from Algonquin College (1995)


“Towards the end of this post, find out How Luc Levesque is connected to Mickey G. Nall, Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide or How Luc is connected to Richard Layard, Baron Layard a British economist in the UK.”


What is the six degrees of separation concept?

According to this concept, any person can connected to any other through a chain of six or less connections. That way, we all are connected to each other one way or the other. For more information about this concept, please have a look at the complete six degrees of separation explanation.


Luc Levesque can connect you with lots of people

travelpod We will use the six degrees of separation concept to identify Luc’s connections with other people. Luc can connect you to Marie Heartwood from Canada or  Dave Beehler in Australia, he can also connect you with Roy Roly J and Allen Ian D of Algonquin college.


Luc  can also connect you with some very experienced executives such as Stephen Kaufer, President and CEO of TripAdvisor.  Kaufer co-founded TripAdvisor in 2000, which is the company that bought Travelpod.  Under Kaufer’s leadership, Kaufer and his co-founders sold TripAdvisor to InterActive Corporation in 2004, which later spun off its travel businesses to Expedia, Inc. This is how TavelPod and Expedia are connected.


Through Stephen Kaufer Luc Levesque is two degrees away from everyone at Expedia, people at, guys at, DigitalAdvisor LLC, (, deals site (, and the Caring For Carcinoid Foundation (, a non-profit charity dedicated to finding a cure for Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine cancers, WeddingBook (, a wedding planning site, and Abroad101 (, robot sculptures at (


Luc Levesque is at one degree of separation to the following people

He can connect you to The Hon. John Baird, Member of Parliament who was the Minister of the Environment with Government of Canada. For your dental needs, Luc can connect you to Dr. Amr Barakat, who is the owner of Dentistry@Main located in Ottawa. Amr’s Biggest Business Achievement was to build a quality, state-of-the-art cosmetic and family practice from scratch in 2004 with a focus on creating a positive experience for every patient.


If you are from any of the government departments and need strategic consulting, Luc can connect you to Denis Barbeau who is a Partner and Practice Lead at Systemscope, which provides Strategic consulting services for the government of Canada in the areas of management consulting, e-government and information management.


IF you have hosting or database needs, Luc is one degree away from Paul Barbeau, President & CTO of hyperNET, which is a database application and hosting company. NPN Financial Partners helps companies begin trading publicly.


For your health and wellness Luc is one degree away from Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp who is the CEO of Beauchamp Wellness Group, which provides technologies, tools and programs to help people achieve optimal health and wellness.


If you are into fine dining and can’t get a table at Beckta Dining, Luc can connect you with Stephen Beckta, who is the Owner and Operator of fine dining restaurant Beckta Dining & Wine.


If you want someone to help you with a beautiful swimming pool, Luc is one degree away from Kerri Brooks-Richard who is the Co-Owner of The Artistic Group in Ottawa. The Artistic Group is a design and build company specializing in backyard transformations, swimming pools, residential construction and landscaping.


If you are in the market for computer hardware or software; Luc can pass you on to Jody Burton who is the CEO of Stoneworks Technologies, a value-added reseller that sells computer hardware, software and services.


For your business related legal needs; Luc Levesque has direct connections to one of the largest law firms in Canada.  He can direct you to number of lawyers including Paula Clancy who is a Lawyer/Trade-mark Agent with Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP or Luc can connect you with Jock Climie who is a Partner at Emond Harnden LLP, a Boutique law firm specializing in management-side labour and employment law.


Luc Levesque can be your direct connection to Trevor Doyle who is the Founder and Owner of Doyle Homes. Luc is also one degree away from Huiping Iler who is the CEO and Founder of


For your entertainment needs Luc can connect you to Glen Shackleton who is the Director and Owner of  Haunted Walks.


Luc  has a direct connection to Eric Lussier who worked with Luc Levesque as a Product Manager at Travelpod and the two have been co-workers and friends ever since.  Luc Levesque‘s latest venture, once again in the travel industry called TripWow is with Eric Lussier along with Rod Boissinot, Michael Burns, Roy Hooper and Shaun McQuaker.  Luc Levesque believes in putting together great teams and likes to work with people he knows but is always open to great new talent.


Luc can also connect you with Graeme Barlow who is the Co-Founder and CEO at RocketOwl Inc. Social / Mobile Game Development.  Graeme Barlow is the CEO of Viewin Media Inc, an Ottawa based marketing firm. He is also the CEO of echelon Solar Inc. and the author of  To many people Graeme is an Entrepreneur, Gamer, Geek and Blogger who loves the thrill of business.


If you are looking for a job Luc can connect you to Doug Tetzner who is an Executive Recruiter.


If you want to get into a startup game and have a good team with a great product but you are missing contacts to the venture capitalists; ask Luc Levesque and introduction is just a step away. Here is a list of companies, Venture capitalists and angels Luc is one degree of separations away from.


Luc is one degree away from JS Cournoyer: most likely one of the most connected individuals in Canada for getting your great ideas funded. Mr. Cournoyer loves the startup scene and works on both sides of the fence. He is an Entrepreneur at heart; he is an angel in all sense of the word and invests in great ideas and great people.  He is the co-founder of RealVentures and an Accelerator program based in Montreal. He is a great Hockey player, an awesome father of 5 and a great husband.  Connect with Mr. Cournoyer and if you truly have a believe in yourself and your idea, in less than an hour he can get you in schedule books of most of the Venture Capitalists in Canada and USA.


Luc can introduce you to Stephen Noton who owns the domain name www.Mr.VC (Mister Venture Capitalist).  Stephen says he can be your source to finding the money you need for you startup. Besides helping you secure money, Stephen can also help you grow your business as he understands SEO.  He can assist you to expand your brand and advertising on the internet.


Luc can also connect you with Mercury Launch: if you are in Ottawa and starting a business; Mercury Launch is a great place to start, it’s a Startup accelerator dedicated to supporting Ottawa based entrepreneurs ready to build, launch & grow their business.


Luc’s connection book has a chapter on BVP, Sunil Nagaraj who is with Bessemer Venture Partners. BVP is one of the oldest VC firm in the USA and if you think California is too far, they are located in Boston.  BVP has invested in some great companies such as: LinkedIn, Skype, VeriSign and NextG.  BVP’s investment portfolio is mainly focused on the following sectors: cleantech, cloud computing, data security, financial services, healthcare and online retail. If you are in India; BVP currently actively investing in Indian technology firms.


Dan Martell has started companies such as flowtown, he was the Co-Founder of Flowtown, which was Acquired in 2011.  He was also the Founder of Spheric Technologies, which was Acquired 2008. Dan is also a Mentor @ 500Startup & GrowLabs. He is an angel investor who actively looks for good deals.


Jeremie Berrebi is the co-founder of Israel based seed fund called Kima Ventures.  Jeremie and his fund is very active and invest be on the boundaries of Israel. They have done lots of deals in 2011 and 2012 should not be any different.


Dave McClure based in New York is the founding partner of @500 Startups. A great guy to know.


David Beyer is a San Francisco (also called the silicon valley) based angel.  He has a great last name and is currently with  He is a Treki at heart and can always tell in advance who is going to die during a mission with Jean-Luc Picard .  He has been in love with technology ever since his dad gave him his first Star Trek phaser replica.  He can also connect you with his team members Dave Fowler, Justin Davis and Michael Shiplett.


Alan MacIntosh who is a partner at Real Ventures, a Montreal-based seed fund. Alan was the co-founder of Acta Wireless and focuses on opportunities in the mobile web.  His other partners at real ventures are JS Cournoyer, Mark Macleod and John Stokes.


Alexander Torrenegra is a New York based serial entrepreneur and investor who is the CEO of Voice123 / VoiceBunny, he is also the Co-founder of BookingMarkets and has his hands in He is the Co-founder and Partner at Torrenegra Labs. Besides hosts of other influential people in New York, Alexander can connect you with Tania Zapata, Leonardo Suarez and also people at BookingMarkets, Localo, Language123, Voice123, HubBog, VivaReal, ServerQue, language123, LetMeGo and VoiceBunny.


Luc is connected with Matt Roberts, who is a VC Analyst at BDC – IT Venture Fund. Matt likes a hand on approach and does so by connecting people with the right connections and by devoting physical on site time to the founding team. He invests $250K+ in Seed and Series A funding rounds.  He was the Founder of JohnnyVoIP. He is an Investor in  E-Djuster, SiGe Semiconductor and Gan Systems. Matt has worked with Wesley Clover, Newbridge Networks and  He is one degree away from Paul Chiarelli, Michael Doyle, Andrew Fisher, Simon Gibson, Simon Gwatkin, Terry Matthews, Owen Matthews, Christa Plumley, Michael Turner, Greg Vanclief,  he can also connect you with Jeffrey Grammer, Ali Asaria, Melissa Crnić and people at Arkli.


Luc is just a call away from Marc Duquette, a seed stage investor based in Montreal who is currently working on his next venture called, which is a cool blogger PR tool. Marc sold Hispanoclick to Batanga.  He can connect you to Rafael Urbina, Ana Maria De La Cruz, Susana Alvarez-Diaz, Natalia Martinez and JS Cournoyer.


Luc can also get you in touch with Gabriel Weinberg, a Philadelphia  based Angel investor who Founded DuckDuckGo, Co-founded NamesDatabase, which was sold to UNTD. Gabriel invests in around 3-4 startups with less than 100k in investments in total.  He is a seed stage investor in DuckDuckGo, Instinct, Notehall, WakeMate,  myZamana,  Locately and can connect you with Ecquire, Zippykids, Locately, and Wakemate.  Gabriel will invest in companies located closed to where he lives but if you show some traction with your startup, he will invest anywhere and use skype instead of in-person meetings. He invests with little traction because that is when evaluation for your company is in his investment range. Gabriel can connect you with; Justin Kan of, Mark Cramer of NextTag, Patrick McKenzie of Bingo Card Creator, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Mark Cramer of SurfCanyon and load of others who are one degree separations away from Gabriel.


Luc Levesque is Three degrees of Separations away from

– Barry Diller: Chairman of the Board, Senior Executive


– Victor A. Kaufman: Vice Chairman


– Dara Khosrowshahi: President and CEO


– Edmond Mesrobian: Chief Technology Officer


– Mark Okerstrom


– Patricia Zucotti


Luc is less than Two Degrees of Separations away from

– Dhiren Fonseca


– Bruce M. Firestone Executive Director,; Founder, Ottawa Senators NHL team based in Ottawa Canada.


– David Roche: President, Worldwide and


– Clem Bason: President, Hotwire Group


– Rob Greyber: President, Egencia


– David Hu: Co-President, Classic Vacations


– Guangfu Cui: Chief Executive Officer, eLong, Inc


– David Morris: Counsel for TripAdvisor. His tweets focus on internet/tech law, social media & travel. They are not legal advice & are not made on behalf of TripAdvisor.


Luc Levesque is one degree of separations away from

Andrea Geauvreau: a professional photographer for VTO who specializes in leading edge internet marketing. Nazim Ahmed: a co-founder of canvaspop & dna11 – inspired by vision, a very nice lad. Ranga Natarajan: Sr. Manager,


Luis Orellana: an expert on eCommerce, from business to business digital delivery to global sales of consumer products via the Internet. David Nault: He can help with entrepreneurship, start-ups, technology, social media, marketing, sales and healthy living.


Kevin May: an editor and co-founder, – very good writer. Lee Starusta is a West Palm Beach Entrepreneur who can help with Social Media, Website traffic growth and can help you develop a sound venture. Lise Sarazin: Ottawa Business Woman who is considered a True social butterfly. She is a hard working and dedicated entrepreneur.


Laurent Maisonnave: a Dubai based Entrepreneur who can easily be found in Dubai Mall, Looking down from Burj Khalifa or in the middle of desert brain storming how to take Social TV Ratings to the next level. Nice guy. Jimmy Plante:  Working hard on a new startup, something really interesting and contagious.


Alex Schultz: a very rare combination, an internet marketer and reformed physicist. Alex Black: Software developer and entrepreneur. There is always a need for great developers. Alexander Rink: based in Ottawa is the head honcho at Gazaro – competitive price intelligence for retailers and manufacturers. Has a knack for finding profitable businesses.


Zach Coelius: he will make it big one day, very hard working, dedicated entrepreneur and CEO of Triggit, a DSP. Craig Ulliott: if you don’t know where you have been, Craig is the guy to speak with.  He is the Founder of Where Ive Been LLC. If you want to be socially fulfilled, he is also the founder of SocialKaty LLC.


Scott Annan: is based in Ottawa and is a Canadian serial Entrepreneur.  Some people like to achieve in less than ten years what others won’t in a life time.  He Founded Mercury Grove,, and Christine Kaaloa has lots to offer when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of enjoyable travel. Christine is a Travel blogger & Photographer who was also the MTV Producer, turned expat in Korea in 2010.


Diego Saez-Gil is a New York City Entrepreneur who knows things or two about getting in bed. Co-founder & CEO of, the First Social Booking Site for Hostels and B&B. Also Co-founded OffTrackPlanet. Nick ONeill: Co-founder & CEO, Holler Inc. Nathan Rudyk: they say public relations can attach wings to your startup. Nathan is the guy to speak with, he is the CEO of market2world communications inc., technology public relations.  He’ll get results even if he has to use his secret musician powers.


Peter Lalonde Canadian Entrepreneur. Founded Openera to manage the cloud and automate boring tasks. Ex Gridiron, Open Text, Interleaf. Kevin Wood; Passionate about online marketing, digital strategy, social media, design, creative direction, web development, SEO, conversion optimization & analytics.


Luc Levesque can connect you to lots of people but how would you start those introductions and what would you say to Luc to introduce you to the people he knows?


The answer lies in our launch

get connected with anyoneWe will show you the actual path of six degrees of separation and how you can potentially connect with someone world famous. Our launch will guide you through all the steps: who to contact, how to contact and what to say so you can connect with people faster. We will show you how long it takes and all the steps required. It is not enough just knowing we are all six degrees apart; however knowing how to leverage the separation to your advantage means everything.


Please add your name to join so when we launch we can send you the entire process of Six Degrees of Separation (the internet way) as it happens.


How is Luc Levesque connected to  Mickey G. Nall Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

– Mickey G. Nall Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations is also the Chair-Elect for Public Relation Society of America.


– Joseph Thornley who is the CEO of Thornley Fallis and 76design is member of PRSA.


– Joseph Thornley knows Pierre Killeen.


– Pierre Killeen is the son of Philip Killeen who was the President of Algonquin College.


– Luc Levesque graduated with Honours in computer engineering from Algonquin College in 1995.


How Luc Levesque is connected to Richard Layard, Baron Layard a British economist in the UK.

– Richard Baron Layard was founder-director in 1990 of, and is a current program director at, the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.


– The New Deal architecture was devised by LSE Professor Richard Layard, who has since been elevated to the House of Lords as a Labour peer


– A £5 billion The New Deal (renamed Flexible New Deal from October 2009) is a program of active labor market policies introduced in the United Kingdom to reduce unemployment by providing training, subsidized employment and voluntary work to the unemployed.  It is very similar to JobPlacement program in Ontario Canada.


– Daney Parker is the editor of PRmoment who produced quarterly magazine for New Deal


– Daney Parker knows Rich Leigh GoodandBadPR


– Rich Leigh of GoodandBadPR knows Shannon Haigh of 10 Yetis PR Agency


– Shannon Haigh of 10 Yetis PR Agency has worked with,  UK’s leading online independent travel agent cofounders Chris Brown and Chris Clarkson

– Chris Brown and Chris Clarkson also founded Holiday Watchdog a UK-based travel website.


– In February 2008, Stephen Kaufer’s TripAdvisor acquired Holiday Watchdog


– In 2007 Stephen Kaufer’s TripAdvisor purchased Luc Levesque TravolPod.


That is how Luc Levesque who lives in Ottawa Canada is connected to Richard Layard, Baron Layard in the UK. – Making effective connections between people

See we are all connected; is going to take the Six Degrees of Separations and make it a lot easier to use.  Join the waiting list and let us know who you want to connect with.  Using you will be able to find the right connections that exist between you and those who are more than one degree of separations away from you. gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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