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If you’re a social media fanatic, then the name Social Media Explorer will be quite familiar to you. It is basically an information and education related company which aims to focus primarily on social media activities and creative digital marketing. No points for guessing who’s the principal author for the popular website!


Who is Jason Falls?

Jason Falls is an experienced and most sought after speakers in the world of social media today. His expertise in engaging the audience with his specialized keynotes, public relations and creative marketing techniques allow him to stay ahead of the competition. To put it simply, he is a quality resource who delivers exceptional value to his clients.

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Jason Falls is widely recognized as a social media expert who provides crisp and clear marketing strategies, out of the box thinking and a straightforward attitude to doing business. He has spoken at both national and international gatherings on digital and online media topics. He can mesmerize his audience and capture their imagination in addition to transfering his knowledge and expertise effortlessly. His audience is satisfied with his speeches and always leaves with a feeling that they’ve learnt something. Jason Falls always tries to keep his speech a two way affair, by encouraging an interactive session. At the end of every speech, Jason gives 15-20 minutes for the audience to ask their questions and answers each of them patiently and respectfully.


Apart from running the popular social media website called, Social Media Explorer, Jason is also the president and co-founder of Louisville’s Social Media Club and provides his services as an advisor for a leading domain hosting and online marketing company called Network Solutions. He is a resident of Loiusville, Ky, along with his wife Nancy and two children.


What can he do for you?

social media explorer founderThe name Jason Falls keeps popping up at every major technology and social media conventions and is always added to the lists of one of the top thinkers in today’s highly dynamic world of online media. And he is deserving of it. He has worked with various Fortune 100 brands as a social media consultant and helped them achieve greater success.


Some of his notable clients are Humana, Purely Products, The Envelope Manufacturers of America, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek bourbons, Nascar driver Robby Gordon, Louisville Slugger, and The National Center for Family Literacy.



Jason Falls is a PR professional by expertise and a exemplary creative content creator expert. He has been involved in working in collaboration with Fortune 100 brands and companies since the very early days of internet marketing and social media.


Jason Falls has won many awards in recognition to his successful social media strategies. He has worked with both national and international companies and brands helping them in deciding their social media activities, PR, branding, and various other marketing strategies.


Jason Falls together with Aaron Marshall, who himself is a highly recognized digital media strategist, and a social media coach, offer educational programs and events, a knowledgable community of technology experts, consumer research strategies and complete strategic consultation for clients.
Jason FallsJason Falls is also the co-author, along with Eric Deckers, of the widely aclaimed book titled “No Bullshit Social Media”, the all business, no-hype guide to social media marketing. It is an extensively researched book targeted for business owners and executives who want to find the answer to the ever important question of why social media should be used to communicate with customers and business partners.


The book is Jason’s first shot at writing a well moulded resource for the curious of mind while Eric Deckers has the experience of writing books before this effort. They both try to disprove the longstanding myths and try to convince the readers about the importance of using social media for business and brand promotion and the resulting revenues that come with it.


The Jim Beam Project

Jason Falls has also been heavily involved in creative social media initiatives such as the Jim Beam Baja Tracker on Twitter, which was a micro-blog platform following Nascar Racing Driver Robby Gordon’s race progress in the 2007 Baja 1000 in Mexico. Jason also worked on the Jim Beam’s Remake Video project on which he was awarded the 2009 Sammy Award for his exceptional work and success.


Jason Falls also lead the promotional and content work for ‘The Bill Blog’ which was a first of its kind brand blog in the spirits industry written and produced by Bill Samuels Jr and other people working at Maker’s Mark.


Social Media Explorer

social media explorer

Jason Falls is the owner of Social Media Explorer, which is an information, online services consulting, and knowledge based company specializing in digital and social media marketing and promotions. The website is dedicated to exploring and filtering the important social media news, public relation activities with the help of non-biased commentary and analysis.


Social Media Explorer is easily one of the leading publishing platforms for expert opinions, detailed insights and overall learning in the world of digital and social media. Jason Falls is not alone as the publication features a roster of renowned expert authors who are all leaders in their respective fields.


Social Media Explorer has been recognized as the # 1 most prestigious blog on the ‘Advertising Age Power 150 Marketing Blogs’. It is highly regarded as a leading social media marketing blog in the internet world.


Views on Online Piracy

Jason has been pretty direct with his opinion on the online piracy protect act or otherwise know as the SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) act. He wants to sign the petition to help stop SOPA but wants everyone to propose their own solutions so that an alternate can be chosen instead. According to him, SOPA needs to stopped, but not in complete terms. He thinks that the basic notion behind the idea is sound while the implementation of it is pretty extreme.


By giving an example of David LaMotte, a singer and songwriter, Jason tries to explain why the Online protection act can be a good thing for such artists if it is handled properly with proper standard operating procedures. Jason wants the voilator of pirated content to be responsible and not the creator or the channel through which the content was pirated.


How to get in touch with Jason Falls?

Have you been finding it hard to get in touch with Jason Falls? Are you looking to get hold of Jason to share your opinions with him and ask him anything that he might be of help to you with? Jason Falls gives you great value and you can easily benefit from it.


We will guide you on how and where to contact Jason Falls by using the theory of six degrees of seperation’. According to the theory, we are all connected to everyone else through only six other people!


Check out the video below for a better understanding of this concept!


We will show you who the six people in the chain are and how to best manage each of your connections to reach Jason and get your message across to him. To find out how you would start those introductions and reach him, please add your name to join Directly.me so when we launch, we can send you the entire process!



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Directly.me gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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