Interesting people to watch out for in Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, being the capital of Victoria state, has a population of approximately 4 million and is a hub of people who are rich with the most exceptional skills and an abundance of natural talent. is featuring some of the most interesting people you should watch out for in Melbourne, Australia. All the following people talked about here were either born, are living, or associated in some way or the other with the city of Melbourne.


Kate Kendall

Founder of The FetchKate is a digital expert who’s recognized for her work in the marketing, content creation and community development arena. She’s been involved in the social internet arena since the year 2007. She mainly consults, writes and speaks on a variety of topics including marketing, product development, communication and engagement.


Kate is the founder of “The Fetch”, which offers a complete guide on a city’s business, digital, lifestyle and community landscape. It basically is a thorough ‘what’s happening’ guide of the latest trends in your city. Currently, the website covers cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London and the plan is to expand it over to New York and Berlin in 2012.


Kate is also working on a website called ‘Cloud Peeps‘, which provides a platform for startups and small businesses to find the perfect community managers. Her interests include startups, entrepreneurship, networking and empowering women.


Tresna Lee

Tresna Lee FoodhandsTresna’s story is an exceptional example of how people can rediscover themselves in the pursuit of the things they love the most. She left an attractive career in HR and the corporate world altogether to follow her dreams and interest (Mostly food and cooking).


Tresna adopted a simple lifestyle, and spends her time now fulfilling her passion for high quality food in Melbourne’s top food locations; Earl Canteen and The Palace by Luke Mangan. She is also the founder of ‘Foodhands’, which covers stories about people sharing their passion for working in the food industry.


Kealey Nutt

Editor/founder of thelma magazineKealey has established herself as Melbourne’s leading expert in the world of online publishing. She is the owner of ‘elevenandtwelve’, which is a Melbourne based digital media production agency offering video production, social media and copy writing services.


Her own digital magazine, Thelma, is doing pretty well and aims to live up to it’s motto of a digital magazine with a conscience. She regularly features interesting young people from all kinds of different fields and industries.


Mikala Tai

Mikala TaiMikala Tai has total dedication and commitment towards developing emerging talents in her field, which is the love for arts and culture. Mikala has established herself as a guru in contemporary Asian art and even has a gallery space dedicated to it. She manages it with her business partner Bryan Collie.


Mikala curates the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program. But that’s not all, because she’s also completing a PhD.


David Hood

Doing Something GoodDavid Hood connects people, organizations and big ideas with his social enterprise, ‘Doing Something Good’. The initiative tries to foster cross-sector relationships and facilitates collaborative projects for social good to ensure a better future for everyone.


He was one of the main reasons for the success of the TEDxMelbourne in 2010. He currently facilitates and educates by sharing knowledge and helping people to work on noble causes in Melbourne.


Dan Sultan

Get Out While You CanEver since the release of his highly acclaimed second album, ‘Get Out While You Can’, Dan Sultan’s performances, along with his band, has been touted as one of the best in Australia. His voice is both sweet and rough at the same time, and his songwriting sends the listener into a nostalgic journey.


Considered a modern day sex symbol, Dan Sultan can be described as a poet and a singer who reminds people about life in Melbourne and expresses the emotions that connect people in the city.


His band members include Dan Sultan (Himself, Guitar/Vocals), Scott Wilson (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Jones (Bass Guitar), Peter Marin (Drums) Gina Woods (Keyboards), Eugene Ball (Trumpet) and Andrew Hammon (Trombone)


Lou PardiLou Pardi


Lou Pardi is a writer with an exceptional knack for creativity. She is a co-founder of content, copywriting and video agency Milk Bottle Productions. She leads a team which provides website copy, custom publishing, video and activations.

She regularly writes about food for The Melbourne Review and is a champion of not-for-profit organisation One Girl’s Do it in a Dress campaign.

Previously the Editor of SMK, a blog focused on social media and digital action in Australasia, Lou is active in social media and a keen advocate for the communities which can be built and nurtured through social media channels. She is passionate about quality, relevant content in print and digital environments.


Cheryl Lin

Business ChicCheryl Lin manages her full day job with a lot of interesting projects which are focused on creating enjoyable content to engage communities across Melbourne. Her project, Business Chic is a website that offers professional photos of the varying styles of ‘work’ clothing captured on the streets of Melbourne. She says she does it in order to inspire everyone on what to wear for work every day.


From creative dress patterns to corporate style work-wear, she captures the essence of the variety of styles seen out there on the streets as well as workplaces. Her website tries to help fresh grads, middle career professionals and corporate executives by offering them local content to get inspiration from. Business Chic also provides professional photography services.


Lyrian Fleming

Lyrian is an NGO worker and has dedicated her life to humanitarian and environmental organizations. She is basically a writer and also a regular speaker and conducts sessions addressing the role of women and poverty for CARE Australia.


She’s worked with CARE Bangladesh on issues like Income generation, Health care and Women’s empowerment.


Bhakti Talreja

Bhakti TalrejaBhakti Talreja is an Indian based in Melbourne and is the Founder and Director at ‘So Ethic’, which is Melbourne’s first not-for-profit ethical clothing store. The fashion hub aims to provide sustainable and ethical practices in the Fashion industry. In her own words, she’s ‘passionate about making a difference’.


She is a committed advocate for ethical fashion and slow living and she believes in the power of social media.



Maryann Talia PauMaryann Talia Pau

Maryann Talia Pau grew up in Auckland, New Zealand before moving to Melbourne, Australia. She is married to public speaker Mark Yettica Paulson. Maryann is a fantastic weaver, designer and artist and has been practicing for the last 14 years. She started her work with Mana Courture body adornment, which is a set of Pacific couture and art made from materials and techniques learnt from Somoa, her home.


Maryann’s other interests includes working with textiles and architecture.


Chantelle Baxter

One GirlChantelle Baxter is a young Australian living in Melbourne. She says her passion is to change the world for women and girls. She is the co-founder of a non-profit organization called ‘One Girl‘. The organization helps girls to get access to education.


Chantelle has been involved in numerous business ideas including property investment, and website designing services. She is an exceptional talent and is regarded as one of the brightest young minds in Australia.


Nick Allardice

Nick AllardiceNick is an advocate for social change and considers himself an entrepreneur. He has worked on a variety of highly recognizable national campaigns as well as organizations on the world’s most critical issues.


Nick is the country director (Australia) for ‘’, which is a platform for social change in the world with an aim to empower millions of people to kick-start social campaigns using online tools at disposal. Nick is also the co-founder for the ‘Live below the Line’ campaign, which focuses on creating awareness on solving the issue of global poverty.


Dean Benstead

Dean Benstead is an industrial designer with a degree in Industrial Design from RMIT. He has worked with Joneschijoff and is currently the industrial designer at Charlwood Design. Dean also has considerable amount of freelance experience under his belt.


His most recent work, the ‘O2 Pursuit’ air powered motorcycle attempts to power up motorcycles with alternate techniques and technology.


Jan Vydra

Jan VydraJan Vydra is the co founder of Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs, which aims to bring change and innovation to the traditional herbs industry. He started this business back in 2008 with his business partner, William Pham.


The company is Australia’s leading herb growers and distributors. They produce more than 100 k bunches of 17 different herbs and salad items. Their customers include supermarkets, large retailers, grocery stores and hospitality industry. Jan oversees all issues relating to the workings of the business including finances, business development and marketing.


He is responsible for ensuring that their products are according to the timeline and consistency they promise to their customers.


Wai Hong Fong

Wai Hong FongWai Hong Fong is an Entrepreneur, Geek and passionate about food. He is the co founder and chief officer at ‘OZHut’, which is one of Australia’s top niche eCommerce retailers. With a bachelor degree in Media and Communications, Wai Hong decided to start his own business instead of looking for a job.


OZHut was born, and now offers over 70 reputed brands across 12 stores nationwide.


Nerida Lennon

Nerida LennonNerida is a creative film-maker/model from Melbourne, Australia. She aims to create increased awareness on sustainable fashion initiatives and discussions both locally (Australia) and internationally.


She hopes that her work can educate the Australian fashion industry to adapt to a more environment friendly mode, with a better understanding to socially sustainable techniques and operations. She also wants the end user customers to support her idea.


Her clients regarding her model career includes names like Gucci, Dior, Country Road, Sportsgirl Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Nicola Finetti and many more. She prefers modeling for ethical labels. – Creating opportunities by making the right connections


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