Interesting people to know in Singapore is featuring the 10 most interesting individuals that are worthy of a mention and someone that you should get in touch with in Singapore. These people are from different backgrounds and are playing their part in making Singapore a better place for others. Please note that the below mentioned individuals have in one way or the other some kind of a connection to Singapore city.


Lynn Yap (a.k.a Fengshui Queen)

Contact Lynn Yap (a.k.a Fengshui Queen)  Lynn Yap is more famously known as the Fengshui Queen with an expertise in Chinese astronomy. She’s an entrepreneur, author, property and stock investor, and speaker. She’s also famous for her very accurate predictions.


She helps people from all walks of life better understand the concepts of astronomy and metaphysics.


Foo Tun Chuan

Contact Foo Tun ChuanFoo Tun Chuan is a passionate social media enthusiast and an e-marketing specialist. He also loves games and considers himself as a hardcore geek. But that’s not all as he’s also a regular blogger, loves books and movies.


He runs a photoblog ( which is aimed at expressing his gratitude for his friends and the people he meets in his life.


Belinda Ang

Belinda AngBelinda Aag is a social media trainer and strategist and manager for JoiChua, a Singaporean female singer singed under Play Music. Belina is very passionate about marketing, creative social media, PR events and online business.


She also loves to keep up with the latest movies.


Daryl Tay

Contact Daryl TayDaryl is a social media and digital marketing expert, currently working for the National Library Board. He’s also the co-founder of Social Media Breakfast (Singapore), which aims to share, educate, and learn social media best practices for doing business.


Daryl also has deep passion for comic books, anything to with Star Wars, Arsenal, and the TV-show LOST.


Jermyn Toh

Contact Jermyn TohJermyn considers himself as a digital planner, a thinking, communicator and an entrepreneur. He’s also a blogger and loves cats, infact he himself is a cat owner. Jermyn’s first website ‘Out Loud And Proud’ was selected for an award by Utopia back in the 90’s.


Jermyn has also worked as part-time Radio DJ in Singapore. He’s truly a man of many talents.


Robin Ann Rheaume

Contact Robin Ann RheaumeRobin is a long time investment banking professional who provides advice to the legal industry (eDiscovery search consultant).


Robin’s interests include management, information management, problem solving, social media, programming and volunteering.


Colin Ong

Contact Colin OngColing Ong Tau Shien is quite a recognized Entrepreneur from Singapore. His interests include mentoring people in the arts of economics and business.


He’s also a lecturer and a self-proclaimed Futurist doing his best to do what he can for the betterment of his society.


Kevin Lim

Contact Kevin LimDr. Kevin Lim is a PhD in Communication from the University at Buffalo (SUNY), and currently is the ‘Assistant Director of Strategy & Experience’ at The National Art Gallery of Singapore. Dr Lim is an active blogger and spends his time on social networking and lifecasting.


His wish is to become a ‘social cyborg’, which he describes as a meshing of human and networking technology.


Ryan Xinwei Tan

Contact Ryan Xinwei TanRyan is a world of Warcraft and an iPhone game addict. She’s currenty the Digital Marketing Manager at Cellcity Pvt Ltd, which is a mobile marketing and advertising solutions company. Ryan is currently practicising the combination of mobile and social media marketing at the company.


She also runs her own blog ( where she talks about her favorite food and dishes.


JY Yang

Contact JY YangJY Yang runs her own blog (, where she updates it with the challenges a writer like herself faces in Singapore. Yang goes by her online name (Miss Hallelujah).


She describes herself as a journalist and a writer (mostly fiction based).


Priscilla Genesis

Priscilla Genesis  Priscilla (a.k.a Priscias) loves to cook, read, and watch movies (French). Her interests also include watching crime and investigation shows like CSI, NCIS, and Criminal Minds and that’s not all as she adores using nail polishes, makeup, eating delicious food and hotel stays (depending on her finances!).


Priscilla’s day job requires her to deal with lawyers and divorces.


Victor Tan

Contact Victor TanVictor Tan is currently working as a Digital Communication Specialist at Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in Singapore. Before that, he was working at Health Promotion Board (HPB) in a Senior Executive role in New Media. Victor successfully established the social media crisis cell during the H1N1 outbreak in Singapore.


Victor loves social media, photography, marketing, design, and advertising.


Abid Jalal

Contact Abid JalalAdib is a designer, curator and an educator currently giving lectures at Temasek Polytechnic’s Design School. He’s also the festival director of Archifest 2012, which is Singapore’s annual architecture festival event.

Not only that, but he’s also the cofounder of FiveFootWay, a research studio that focuses on Asian cities.


Samuel Koh

Contact Samuel KohSamuel is a research writer, trainer and a HTML/CSS/JavaScript/php expert. He has great passion for web design and social media. He loves to play basketball and table-tennis.


He’s in the business for providing ‘Applied Contract Services’ for free agents and financial advisors. gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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