Influential People & Famous Stars from Albuquerque

Jeff Bezos

The founder and CEO of, Bezos is one of the men who predicted the power of the internet as a commercial market place. Amazon was founded in 1994, and is probably the best known retailer on the internet. His contribution to the current state of web retail is such that in 1999, Time Magazine named him as their person of the year. Away from the ‘web, Bezos is also the founder of the less well known company Blue Origin; the firm’s aim is to make space travel available to presumably well-heeled members of the general public.

Seth Adkins

Formerly a child actor who appeared on shows like Sabrina the Teen Witch and Small Talk, Adkins has managed to maintain a career since leaving his childhood behind, appearing in the cult horror film Let Me In back in 2010. He is currently filming a drama with Rumer Willis, the daughter of Hollywood bigshots Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Mike Judge

Beavis & Butthead is Judge’s best known comedy creation, with the durr-brained duo’s low brow antics proving durable enough to see a brand new series – the first since its 90s heyday – brought back to television screens in 2011. But Judge has also worked on another hugely successful animated show, King of the Hill, and offbeat Hollywood comedies like the cult hit Office Space, as well as the less successful Extract and Idiocracy, which are nonetheless worth a look.

Neil Patrick Harris

This actor originally came to our attention playing a teenage doctor in the television show DoogieHowser, MD, before going on to star in sit-com How I Met Your Mother, and popped up playing himself in three Harold & Kumar movies. Perhaps most excitingly of all for nerdish comic book fans, he took the role of Nightwing in the animated Batman film of 2010. Perhaps partly because of his openly gay status, the actor was named by Time Magazine as one of their 100 most influential figures in 2010.


Born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, Xzibit found fame as a rapper, working alongside other esteemed hip-hop artists such as Method Man Eminem and Dr Dre, before securing his place in pop culture consciousness as the excitable presenter of MTV showPimp My Ride. He has also appeared in various television shows and movies in supporting roles, though with less success – although he continues to regale the super information highway in his role as an internet meme. Playing on his persona from Pimp My Ride, a typical madcap example would be ‘Yo, sup dawg, I heard you like cars, so I put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.’

Diego Sanchez

This Mixed Martial Artist fighter currently plies his trade in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, though he is somewhat atypical when compared to most of his contemporaries. Sanchez is a diligent yoga practitioner, and refers to himself as a ‘Zen master’. He has won several awards for his fighting prowess, which he says has its roots in wrestling.

Coco Austin

Ice T’s missus is a fetching looking lady, as one would expect for an actress, dancer, and glamour model. She married Ice back in 2001, and the pair are clearly still going strong – they appear together in the reality tv show Ice Loves Coco. She has been rated hottest woman on the planet in one recent opinion poll, and insists that while she had breast implants, her butt is entirely natural. Phew!

Kyle Weiland

Born in Alburquerque but currently earning his corn for the Houston Astros, Weiland is a professional baseball pitcher. Making his MLB debut for the Red Sox in 2011 against the Baltimore Orioles, he was ejected for hitting Vladimir Guerrero with no outs – the first Red Sox player ever to be ejected in his first major league game. In December of 2011 Weiland was traded to the Astros, where he made it into the starting rotation.

Jarrin Solomon

A track and field sprinter who represents Trinidad and Tobago despite being a native of the New Mexico city, Solomon competed in the 4x400m relay at the 2012 Olympics, winning a bronze medal for his endeavours, and helping to set a national record in the process. His father Mike Solomon was also a 400m sprinter.

Danny Romero

This flyweight boxing champion and one-time world champion started with a bang, winning seven of his first fights by knockout. Romero had a rivalry with Johnny Tapia, who came from the same area and were in the same weight division – when the pair met for a much anticipated bout, Tapia won on points in a closely fought match, Romero suffering only his second ever defeat.  These days Romero occasionally appears on television as a pundit.

James Mercer

Mercer is vocalist and guitarist with indie group The Shins, who have attracted acclaim for their alternative rock music. Mercer has also worked with the produced Danger Mouse in side project Broken Bells, and has even appeared in arthouse movie Some Days Are Better Than Others. With musical influence ranging from laugh-a-minute Mancunian indie-popsters The Smiths, to the summery but sometimessorrowful sound of the Beach Boys, you can’t fault the man’s record collection, at least.

Freddy PrinzeJr

Actor PrinzeJr gets around, first turning up as an obnoxious lead in the horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, before turning up in Scooby Doo, showcasing his comic skills as a male nanny in Friends, and even playing the tough guy as Jack Bauer’s youthful sidekick Cole Ortiz in long-running television show 24. With the acting roles drying up, PrinzeJr has made the unconventional move to the WWE wrestling franchise (as a producer and director, rather than performer). He’s also married to Buff the Vampire Slayer actor Sarah Michelle Gellar, and also popped up doing some voice work in 2012 videogame Mass Effect 3, where he played that douchebag James Vega.

French Stewart

Stewart has acted in a wide variety of television shows, films and even plays, but he remains best known for his role as the quirky, squinting, human-looking alien Harry Solomon in 1990s sitcom Third Rock from the Sun. He has also played a French Stewart impersonator in a recent episode of the cult sitcom Community, while some of his big screen appearances include such cinematic gems as Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, and Give ‘Em Hell Malone, which all sound very much like they could have starred Troy McClure.

Steve Colton

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