How to get connected with Bill Gates?


Do you have something in mind that you would like to share with the former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft? Or just want to send him a quick hello and let him know how much you admire his personality and achievements. But, Bill Gates is not an easy man to get hold of. You can try using the various alternates available to contact him but connecting with him on a personal level is going to be quite a hard task!


But before we dwell in to that, let us first have a brief overview of Mr. Gates and his successful life.

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Bill Gates; a visionary entrepreneur

William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates the 3rd, is an American inventor, visionary, businessman, author and a philanthropist. He is the current chairman of Microsoft but is known more famously for his CEO position in the same company. He founded Microsoft with fellow colleague, Paul Allen in 1975. Ranked as among the world’s wealthiest people alive throughout his career after founding Microsoft, Bill Gates has consistently held key positions including; chief software architect, CEO and also has a 6.4 percent shareholder interest in the stock of the company.


Gates is widely regarded as one of the best entrepreneurs of the Information technology industry. Although, criticized for his business techniques, Gates has initiated a number of philanthropic efforts by donating huge amounts of money to numerous charitable organizations and research programs dedicated for human development and eradicating poverty. Along with his wife Melinda, Bill Gates founded the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ in 2000.


Bill Gates resigned from the CEO position at Microsoft in January 2000. To this day, he is acting as the chairman, with his role downsized to a half time work with the company.


So how you can get connected to Bill Gates?

bill & melinda gates foundationLet’s get down to business and look at the possible ways to connect with Bill Gates. First of all, you can try emailing him at his public address ( . But that’s not going to help you much as this email address would probably be receiving the largest amount of spam in the history of mankind. And it’s highly unlikely if Bill will personally check this account for mails.


So what’s next? You can try reaching him out at his Facebook fanpage, and leave a comment on his wall post. But yet again, the chances of Bill seeing that message are almost zero. The fanpage most probably is managed by an independent social media team representing Bill Gates.


The third option includes trying to get Bill’s attention on Twitter on his twitter handle (@billgates) but once again, there’s no guarantee if Bill is actually managing that account himself.


So where does that leave you now? As mentioned earlier, contacting Mr. Gates is quite a challenge if you don’t have the right connections.


That is where Directly.Me comes in!


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How will we connect you to Bill Gates?

We will help you get connected with Bill Gates by using the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory. According to this theory, you are connected to any other person on this planet through six people. Don’t worry about finding the 4 connections between you and Bill Gates. We’ll do that for you!


Watch the video below to a get better idea of what we can do for you.



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