How to contact Samuel L Jackson?



Okay, having never met the noted Snakes on a Plane actor, maybe I’m overstating my relationship with the bloke. Still, it’s just possible that Sam and I are closer than you’d imagine, if the old ‘six degrees of separation’ theory is to be believed.


Six Degrees of separation theory

The idea goes that it’s possible to connect any two people, anywhere in the world, through their various relationships with other people. So using this concept, you could link, say, Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger to haughty art critic Brian Sewell via just six moves, despite the pair being undeniably odd bedfellows. Confused? Okay, deep breath…


Let’s say that (1) via George Clooney’s recommendation, Arnie visits (2) George’s dentist, who is married to (3) a university lecturer – whose (4) daughter from a previous marriage emigrated to London to study sculpture, where she became friends with (5) a fellow student who would eventually exhibit his work at a public gallery which (6) Sewell attended, the plummy-toned old geezer admiring the work and thus making it his business to become personally acquainted with the artist responsible. And not merely because he wanted to get to know Arnold – as far as we know Sewell isn’t a fan of Kindergarten Cop.


The above example is fictional, by the way. Not having the inside track on either lunk-headed Hollywood big shots or hoity-toity arts correspondents, I’m simply illustrating the concept in whimsical fashion.


The world is a global village

connect with anyone you wantAnyway, since the rise in popularity of various social media networks on the internet, it’s reckoned that the figure has fallen from six degrees to considerably less than that. The world really is a global village right now, and getting to know your neighbours on this ever-shrinking planet – be they movie stars, arts commentators, or whoever you want to get in touch with – is a real possibility. will get you connected! aims to turn that possibility into reality, meaning that Arnie and Brian may yet be able to get together to discuss art criticism, action movies, and whatever else the pair have in mind. takes the theory of six degrees of separations to a whole new level; making it easy for connections to take place quicker including a connection between you and Samuel L Jackson. gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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