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Getting in touch with Justin Bieber

Trying to get in touch with a celebrity and an important figure, like Justin Bieber, is certainly a very difficult task. It becomes almost impossible if you don’t have the necessary contacts and connections that could help you get connected with such a superstar. Celebrities can be very busy people and often have very little time for themselves, let alone their fans.


You can try checking the official website of the celebrity you want to get connected with. You can try emailing them, contact their agents or join their community clubs. But honestly, you stand a very slim chance of ever connecting with such a mega star.


But don’t worry! Directly.Me can help you!


Let’s say, you are a big fan of Justin Bieber and would love to connect with him. But hang on a minute. Before learning how to connect with him, here’s a bit of introduction to the teen pop sensation.


Justin Bieber

songs reviews justin bieberJustin Bieber, born in March 1994, is a Pop/R&B singer/songwriter and an actor from Canada. His talents were discovered by American talent manager, Scooter Braun, who liked Justin’s videos on YouTube. Later on, Braun offered himself up for managing the young star and pushed a meeting with Usher.


Things moved quickly from there on and Bieber made his debut single “One Time” in 2009. The song topped the Canadian music charts and was solidly in the top thirty internationally. The single was followed by a full fledged debut album titled, “My World”, which achieved platinum status in the US. He became the first singer whose all seven songs of one album featured in the Billboard Hot 100.


The rest, as they say, is history. Justin Bieber is now a worldwide sensation with millions of fans who would really like to send them their love and maybe even meet him in person!


Directly.Me – Get connected with anyone!

So you want to connect with Justin Bieber? No Problem! Directly.Me will help you get connected with him or anyone else for that matter.


We know how to simplify connections between people so that you reach the person you want to connect with.



We will use the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory to help you find the connections between people. According to this theory, every single person on this earth is only six introductions away from any other. We will help identify those connections for you and how you can manage each of those connections to get a message across to the person you want to connect with.


To find out how you would start those introductions and connect with ANYONE, please add your name to join Directly.Me so when we launch, we can send you the entire process that will help you get connected! gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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