Get connected with Brian Solis: A digital analyst and futurist is featuring Brian Solis, who is a digital analyst, an award winning author, a reputed blogger and a keynote speaker. He is widely recognized as a credible expert in new media techniques. Mr. Solis has strong command over digital media and its use in business and marketing.


Many businesses and individuals use his book, ‘Engage’ as a reference guide to grow and be successful in the world of social media.

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Early Career and Success

Brian Solis started his career in technology back in 1991 when working for the ‘Dodge and Mansfield agency’ in Ventura, California. Brian also worked as Director at ‘The Benjamin Group’, which was a Silicon Valley agency. It was in the 1990’s when he started to be more active in online communities, message boards and blogs.


Brian Solis in 1999 founded his own company in the field of digital media, and branding for businesses, called ‘FutureWorks’. It’s a creative agency for new media businesses. He oversaw the operations as Principal for the company until 2011, and has since been acting as an advisor for the company.


Brian Solis has single handedly led social and interactive campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies, Internet startups and even celebrities.



Solis Brian’s blog is ranked in the Top 100 business blogs by Technorati, and is in the Top 10 marketing blogs in the AdAge Power 150. That speaks volumes of his influence and understanding about the new media technologies.



Brian Solis is also the author of books, ‘The End of Business as Usual’ and ‘Engage’. The first book looks at the ever-changing consumer landscape and what can businesses do to adapt. The latter is an award winning book and is considered as an authority and a guide for creating effective business and social media strategies.


In addition, Solis Brain is the host for a popular online video series called ‘Revolution’, which explores the latest technology trends.


Get connected with Brian Solis

Brian Solis is regarded as a Twitter powerhouse and a strong influencer in the world of social media. Interacting with Brian Solis and people like him can really help you understand the nuts and bolts of online media and its consequences.


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