Find the best Hair Stylists in New York City: A complete guide!

Are you interested in joining the glamorous industry of hair stylists? Not interested in your current job or just want to skip college completely? Becoming a professional hair stylist does have its unique perks and rewards. Making hairstyles for runaway models isn’t really a bad job at all, is it? Apart from flexible work hours and freedom of ideas, the best thing about it is that you get paid for making people look amazing!

And even if you’re not looking for a career in hair styling, and just want to get your hair done from one of the experts in New York City, it can be quite a difficult task to find the right one. Read ahead to find out all about the best hair stylists available in New York City!

Who is a hair stylist?

barbersIs there any training required?A hairstylist is basically a beauty expert. A professional who has expertise in arranging and styling people’s hair. It may sound pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s not! Hair styling is an art and requires years of practice to get to the level needed to be considered a true expert.

Yes! A hairstylist must take courses for specialized trainings in beauty or cosmetology schools. Once the course is completed, a person can acquire his license to work at a salon. Lots of hair stylists after attaining certain years of experience shift to their homes and work from there. Others switch to the glamorous world of movies and film sets, which is of course a dream path for every aspiring hair stylist!

A normal day at work for a professional hair stylist

You must be wondering how a hairstylist spends his day at work. Most of the work includes styling of hair, cutting, dyeing, straightening, curling, and a lot more sophisticated designs both for formal as well as casual occasions.

barbers A hairstylist’s day starts when he arrives to work at the salon he’s working at and spends the entire day serving regular as well as walk-in customers. A normal hair style and cutting session takes around 20-30 minutes but some procedures can take a lot more time than that. Before a hairstylist can get to work on an individual’s hair, he consults with him to determine how exactly he wants the hair done.

Some customers may select from a pre-defined catalogue of hairstyles and ask it to be modified a bit to suit their look, while others bring with them their photos of the hairstyle they would like to have. Sometimes, hairstylists must deal with unsatisfied customers by changing or fixing their hairstyles at no additional charges. That is what separates the good hairstylists from the ones who are only after financial rewards.

Having problems finding the best hair stylists in New York City?

When your hair all are messed up and you’re desperately looking for a professional hair stylist in your area, then do not make the mistake of going for a salon at random. Do your research before choosing one for yourself. It’s like having a specific dentist for your teeth problems. Keeping a single hair stylist will allow you to keep a uniform look for your hair every single time you go for a haircut.

Even then if you’re having problems finding a hairstylist in New York City? You’re not alone. Finding the perfect hairstylist will often require you to search for various salons and is quite a tiresome process.

But don’t worry! We’ll help you find the right hair stylist in New York for every type of hair and budget.

Best hair-stylists in New York City

Adrian Fanus

barberFirst on our list of top hair stylists in New York City is Adrian Fanus. He started his work from a simple barber-shop in New York and along with that did a bit of grooming for fashion editorials and magazines. Gradually with time, he acquired celebrity level clients notably Forest Whitaker. Adrian personally groomed Mr. Whitaker for the 2007 Oscars.

Recently, Adrian started his very own three chair salon, with proper leather couches, fully furnished walls and doorways, and a strict black dress code for all workers and stylists. You can run in to hip hop stars and jazz drummers at his salon, who are all there to be serviced by Adrian’s exceptional skills. Adrian’s expertise includes dyeing, precise trimming, and hair texturing.

Angela Soto

new york city barberAngela Soto boasts quite an awesome resume. She’s worked at Warren-Tricomi and Bumble & Bumble, styled shows for brands like Diesel, Max Azria and Herve Leger, and has also worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Sharon Osbourne.

Her expertise includes handling of textured hair and tresses and grooming hair locks just like her own!


Thorin Decatur, ‘Shorty’ Maniace & Bret Reichley

new york hair stylist expertsThe groups of three hair stylists are experts blending of vintage and modern techniques. Their grooming is similar to the 1940’s style of work. Their salon includes a walk-in policy and they service pretty much anyone from a normal customer to a famed celebrity. Their barbershop gives out a feeling of a lively social club instead. Maniace, who’s also known by his nickname ‘Shorty the barber’, has been in the hair-styling industry for more than 20 years.


Marine Decatur on the other hand, a former marine, and now a self taught hair stylist, has been wearing the crew buzz for 15 years and is an expert in classic cuts. He’s also pretty efficient at shaving and is comfortable with teaching anyone to operate a straight razor. Finally, Bret Reichley handles the long haired clients and specializes in beard trimming as well.

Corvette Hunt

experts in hair cutting new yorkCorvette Hunt has a parlor specifically for tattoos, hair styling and unofficial parties. He provides an atmosphere of artistic freedom, where expression of one’s self is encouraged.


The parlor is open round the clock for customers. Hunt’s resume is spectacular including styling work for Madonna, the B-52’s, Patricia Field, and many other celebrities.

Fabian Garcia

barbers new yorkFabian graduated from school with a beautician degree but focused his attention towards clubs and hosting parties in the 1990’s. He was also an accomplished DJ and rocked the floor at a variety of dance clubs in New York City. In day time, he used to style hair for customers at Patricia Field’s salon, which allowed him to land a part in the hit TV show, Ugly Betty.


His popular clients that visit him for hairstyling include Ana Ortiz, Mark Indelicato and Law & Order’s Julianne Nicholson. Apart from servicing celebs, he also has a huge following of regular customers. His expertise is in doing funky hair styles. He also wears quite a unique hairdo for himself. He’s a master at extensions and rainbow hues.

Fabio Moretti

hair stylists new york cityItaly’s pride, Fabio Moretti has an ever smiling face and he’s got a diverse range of customers longing for his expert service. His fans admire his funky cuts, and his personality. Fabio is known for giving his client a good amount of time before doing his magic. He can take up to 15 minutes or more just listening to what the customer wants.

That ensures that he can do exactly what the customers want. His salon, ‘Contesta Rock Hair’ is themed in all black and white, with background club genre music adding to the environment.

Francine Kelley

hair experts from new york cityCustomers visit Francine from as far as California to get their hair done by this hair Maestro. Francine is a pro at dyeing hair in an assortment of colors. She is extremely chatty with her customers and will never let you get bored.

She has styling experience of 18 years under her belt which is enough to put her in one of the best experts available in the market today.



Igor Iskiyev

new york city hair salonsThere’s a very thin line when it comes to razor cut fades and styles, and a clean look is extremely important. Having an amateur at hand can really butcher the style. But you don’t have to worry about anything like that with Igor at his barbershop, Igor’s clean cuts.

Igor has a steady hand and the attention for detail to ensure the perfect cut. There’s no glitz and glamour at his place but rather the traditional four chair setup and a simple environment.


James McNally

hair experts in new york cityJames has a salon in his own residence (basement shop, Mario Diab) full of mirrors and upon entering, you’ll be trying to figure which reflection is real! Apart from the stylish crystal clear environment, you’ll be treated to the best curly locks expert in the city. James McNally can straighten your curly locks with style and as little mess as possible.

He pulls out each tress individually and decides for himself if it should have a low-light or a highlight. But one thing is for certain, the customer is always satisfied with the results. Another specialty of his is blowouts which can give the customers a killer look.

Jessica Rose

experts hair salonShe is a beauty and she intends to make her customers look amazing as well. Sporting a glamorous hairdo, she could be easily mistaken for a 1950’s based actress portraying the role of Medusa. That’s why she’s named her salon as Medusa’s Salon. But don’t worry about being stoned to death!

Personally, she’s a down to earth lady, loves to chat particularly about her dog, and likes to listen to some rock music while she’s busy doing her mojo. Her expertise includes pin-up murals, tattoos, and aggressive hairdos. She offers a money back guarantee for her customers if they don’t get satisfied with the haircut.

Julie Dickson

hair salon expertsMost of Julie’s customers are in the 25-35 range coming from the old downtown area but her experience makes her an expert for pretty much anybody. She can service a diverse range of people from Wall Street to the Lower East Side. She thinks everyone has a different personality and therefore requires a different angle to hairstyling.

Dickson’s own personality is well reflected in her shop where everything is colorful and bright. She puts vintage styles aprons on her customers every time she gets ready to work. She makes sure her customers never have a dull moment and allows them to read magazines, covers and even offers them cookies!

Kate Schlichter

hair salon experts in new yorkVisiting Bumble and bumble is always a fantastic experience with its unique massaging shampoo chairs and a built in café. But if your visit is concerning getting your hair done, look no further than Kate Schlichter. She has been a trainer at Bumble and Bumble University for the last six years and instructs hopeful stylists from all across the country.

She is an extremely creative stylist with expertise of color blending and dyeing. She also gives a large portion of her time for old ladies and skater chicks with Mohawks. Her ability to customize her approach for different clients is truly remarkable. She guarantees that her precise cuts can get months of mileage without losing their style.

Katie Dolinar

hair salon stylist in new york cityLooking for a match made in haircut heaven? Katie’s loving personality combined with Fringe Salon’s vintage look and cozy environment provides exactly that!

She’s been working for a total of 7 years at the seven chaired salon and has perfected the art of indie cutting in long, layered and low maintenance styles.



Want to get in touch with any of these experts?

Interested in contacting any of these professional hair stylists? Planning to give any of them a visit and asking them about anything that they might be of help to you? Finding people and communicating to them your message can be the hardest thing to do. But don’t worry! We are here to assist you!

We will guide you on how and where to contact these experts by using the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’. This theory suggests that everyone in this world is only 6 introductions away from anyone else (even Tom Cruise, President Obama, and Madonna!)

get connected with peopleWe will show you the complete path of 6 degrees of separation and how you can actually connect with anyone you want! We will show you who the 6 people in the chain are and how to best manage each of those connections to reach these hair stylists and get your message across to them.

To find out how you would start those introductions, please add your name to join database, so when we launch, we can send you the entire process of Six Degrees of Separation! gives you the platform to connect with anyone. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and connect with famous people!

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