Even mistakes have a value

We humans are prone to making mistakes and each setback teaches us a lesson. Successful people consider these mistakes a form of practice and use them as a stepping stone to achieve their goals. In fact the bigger their profile, more mistakes they would have made in life. Although what sets them apart is their ability to use their learning’s to get better at what they do.

No matter how cautiously you try to live, it is impossible to live without failing at something.  Mostly it’s the rock bottom time which brings a realization of using failures and reflection’s as a motivation to climb the stairs of success. After reaching the top one puts all these bitter experiences and life lessons in a closet with a restricted personal access only. Why not share it with others for a mutual benefit?

What benefit would someone get from my personal life experiences?

What you have been through in the past, someone might be going through it now. Learning from your first hand experiences can help them in making a better choice or decision. Don’t forget once you were in a similar position, where you needed help but couldn’t find any and eventually had to learn from doing mistakes time and again. Your help and guidance at this time can make them avoid the same mistakes, save time on trial & error, mitigate risks and follow your footsteps to success.

How will they find and contact me?

Directly.me is the first ever platform allowing anyone in the world to contact you directly. You just have to list your experiences and based on those experiences people will find & contact you themselves.

What’s in it for me?

Directly.me is a marketplace for all your life experiences, where you can sell them at your own price. The people contacting you will pay to learn from your experiences.

Do I pay anything to list my experiences, skills, life choices etc.?

Signing up and listing experiences is totally free. Sign up on www.Directly.me and see the money roll in.


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