Entrepreneurs to watch out for in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Being the largest city and the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam sure has a considerable number of talented people who are contributing in their own ways to help make the city a better place to live in.


Directly.me is featuring some of the most talented individuals that you should look for in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The people mentioned below were all either born in, are living or associated with the city of Amsterdam in one way or the other.


Reinier Evers

Reinier EversReinier Evers is an entrepreneur, an accomplished trendwatcher and the founder of trendwatching.comHe holds a degree (Masters) in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. Online business revolution fascinates Reinier and he has been hooked to the topic since first studying it in 1994.


Reinier has worked with big names like British Airways, Compaq and Texaco where his role has been to manage a team of strategists and analysts. His main focus of attention has been topics like business research, competitive analysis, trend spotting and vision development.


His website, ‘trendwatching.com’ has more than 150 K visitors per month with more than 160 K professionals subscribed to receive the monthly trend briefings. Before all this, he also co-founded Urbanite.com, which was an online food delivery portal in the United Kingdom and Netherlands that was later sold off to lastminute.com in 2001.


Esther Jacobs

Esther JacobsEsther Jacobs is a motivational speaker, and an author. She’s been in the business of helping companies, individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Esther has visited well over a hundred countries and can proudly say that she has raised over $25 million for charity without a budget!


Some of her ‘achievements’ include being knighted by the Dutch Queen for her charity initiative ‘Coins for Care’, and being interviewed by well over 500 times by popular magazines and newspapers in the UK, South Africa, Spain and of course Netherlands.


Tom van Bokhoven

Tom van BokhovenTom van Bokohven is the co-founder of Green Claim, which ensures that their customers get their rightful compensation in case of flight delays, cancellations or overbookings. He runs the business with his two friends Mario Wester and Bart de Jonge.


Tom and his friends started the business in 2010, which originally was his idea. They have been working hard on Twitter and have been able to get themselves and their business recognized by many media companies. Green Claim helps their customers (passengers) to be updated during the whole process of customer claim. The target is to pay back the compensation as soon as possible however, for many it may take up to six months.


Currently, Green Claim is being expanded to other countries like Germany, France, UK, Spain, and Belgium.


Renato Valdés Olmos

Renato Valdés OlmosRenato is an entrepreneur, a graphic designer and the CEO and founder of CardCloud, which is a mobile application that helps people to exchange digital business cards. Renato graduated with an MA in Interactive Design and has been involved in founding several startups. Postmachina, was one of his first companies.


Currently, all his focus is on CardCloud, and he spends most of his time on business development and making a long term vision strategy for the service. But that is not all, as Renato also regularly advises other startup companies looking to get ahead in the mobile application arena.



NaldenNalden has a background in music, advertising and is a very influential blogger with recognition for his unique style of writing. He keeps his website Nalden.net regularly updated with content including music, technology, gadgets and the latest trends in business.


Nalden calls himself a social entrepreneur, by focusing on helping people to reach new ideas to grow their businesses.


Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg

Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van TilburgSem and Pieter are University friends and have been sharing the same passion for entreprenship and travelling. That resulted in their business called, CityHub, which is a revolutationary hotel concept that offers travellers a comfortable place to sleep on a limited amount of surface by using specially designed sleeping units, called Hubs. Each Hub features a large comfy two-person bed, an iPod docking station and multicolor mood lighting. These cabins  provide adequate spacing and can be moved into all sorts of places easily. Basically, CityHub offers the new generation the perfect solution for urban travelling.


How the idea came at first? Sem and Pieter after many trips realized the current set of hotels were not good enough for their needs. To counter this problem, they thought of a platform which could bridge the gap between hotels and their offerings and thus the unique idea for hospitality CityHub was formed.


Rik Heijmen

Rik HeijmenRik Heijmen is an entrepreneur at heart with the achievement of founding advertising agencies and then creatively leading them to success. Rik wanted to try something else and thus sold off his interactive ad agency to create a unique new business for customized online jewelry.


He runs his business on his website Typerings.com where users can design a ring of their choice with text and designs on the outside. Currently, Rik is trying to get the big investors to come and take a look at his idea so that he can grow his business further.


Almar Holtz

Almar HoltzAlmar Holtz is the COO and founder of the company 2theloo, which offers clean restrooms to travelers and shoppers throughout Europe at gas stations, train stations, highstreets and shopping malls. 2theloo grew in two years time to a total number of 106 stores operational and has operations in 9 countries growing to a total number of 292 stores by the end of 2013.


Almar is responsible for overseeing the operational activities and company’s core functions. He also helps in developing business, assuring quality and management tasks. From time to time, he also looks after the company financials and employee hiring.


Before founding 2theloo, Almar Holtz had worked with several multinational companies.


Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok

Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje BokHein Mevissen and Dideriekje are the founders of John Doe Amsterdam, a creative agency close to the historic shipyard in Amsterdam. They specialize in producing creative advertising ideas, direct commercials and produce new products.


Their recent invention has been the John’s Phone, which has been dubbed ‘the dumb phone’ because of it being so simple to use. Hein and Diederiekje are currently hard at work on the design of John’s Phone and to create an exciting new marketing campaign for it.


Peter Veldhoven

Peter VeldhovenPeter is a designer by profession and co-founder of Veel Designers, which is a design firm based in Amsterdam. The design firm can be termed as somewhat of being unconventional in nature, because the firm only works with freelance designers instead of hiring permanent teams. The company offers brand development for both products as well as services.


Peter’s role in the firm is that of a commercial director, in which he tries to find projects that fits the company’s image and expertise. Peter’s personal interests include playing the bass, and following Formula 1 racing.


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Directly.me gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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Directly.me gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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