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The world’s seventh billion baby, Danica, was born in Philippines, as chosen by the UN along with several other babies from around the world to symbolically represent the amazing global milestone in human population.

According to the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’, we are all connected to each other by acquaintances. We are all only six introductions away from any other person! In other words, YOU can be linked through a connection of six or less acquaintances to people like Tom Cruise, Madonna, Dalia Lama and even Danica!

Research has proven this theory to be correct and with the massive growth in electronic messaging, any two strangers are on average, separated by only 6.6 degrees! But the question is how would you exactly start those introductions to get to the right person?

The answer lies in our launch!

We will show the whole path of six degrees of separation and help you connect with someone world famous!

We will guide you through every step and tell you who to contact, how to contact, who are the six people in the chain, and how to manage each of your connections to reach the person you want.




Please add your name to join Directly.Me so that when we launch, we can send you the entire process of Six Degrees of Separation (the internet way) as it happens. gives you the platform to connect with anyone. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and connect with famous people!

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