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Are you sick of Facebook interfering with your life? Feel exposed? There’s many reasons to why people choose to delete Facebook and whatever your reason may be you’ll be happy to know you can permanently delete it because even when you delete your account these days it still remains on Facebook’s servers so all your pictures, updates, locations all remain with Facebook because they’re waiting for the day you come back and reactivate so they can give you it all back. Follow the steps we’ve made for you below to get this done the right way rather than leaving footprints behind.

1) The first step will require a lot of time. Since the procedure is going to be step by step, you will have to start off by deleting all your pictures, deleting your friends from your friends list and even erasing the comments which you have left for people on any groups or networks. Basically Facebook would want your profile to be virtually empty and for that you will have to take down everything that is on it.

2) Once the first step is over, you will have to e-mail Facebook regarding the situation. Write an e-mail to and ask them to delete your account permanently. Give them your user ID, and all the necessary details which you believe might be useful for them (e-mail address, password, last activity, etc.) Put the subject of the e-mail as “Delete my Facebook Account” and write down an e-mail in which you can make it clear to them that you want your account to get deleted and not deactivated.

3) You will soon receive a reply from the Facebook team where they are going to confirm that after a few days your Facebook account will be deleted permanently.

4) At times the Facebook team takes a lot of time to respond. On other occasions, your e-mail doesn’t get responded to at all. If this happens in your case, then wait for at least a week and in case you have not received any response from them, write an e-mail again. You can write the same e-mail all over again but this time e-mail them on three different e-mail ID’s:, and

5) This time you will definitely receive a reply from Facebook. Once you do, try logging in to your Facebook account and you will be unable to do so. gives you the platform to connect with anyone. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and connect with famous people!

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