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Ever wondered what happened to that quirky host of the once popular ‘Call for Help’ show on TechTV? He’s now considered as one of the top technology entrepreneurs and experts in all things geeky! Currently, he lives in Seattle, working on a variety of projects with large tech companies while hosting his own channel on YouTube (records all his videos from his home office) focusing mostly on technology and social media related news.

But how did he really manage to do all that?  Read on ahead as we look at how exactly did Mr. Pirillo achieved success and recognition and how you can connect with him…

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Who is Chris Pirillo?

In brief words, Chris Pirillo is a successful YouTube partner, technology expert for CNN, a book author, a technology speaker, magazine columnist, content creator, an ex TV host and owner of a technology blog network.

Chris Pirillo has been part of the internet world since 1992, and is now a top influencer and content creator in the field of technology, computers and social media. He considers himself as a technology consultant and a diehard technology enthusiast. It can be quite a tough task to figure out exactly what Chris Pirillo does but it’s a safe bet to acknowledge him as a trusted expert when it comes to everything that is related to computers and the internet. This young hardware junkie started publishing self-help books in the early 90’s to help people learn computers, hardware and software. With time, Chris set up his own radio gig, where he would give live tips and advice to everyone.

‘Call For Help’ Show

call for helpIn late 2011, from a radio show, he switched to hosting a TV show called ‘Call for Help’ on the popular technology network, TechTV. He spent a total of two years hosting the show. It was a live interactive program that helped people to solve their common computer related problems. ‘Call for Help’ boosted Chris Pirillo’s popularity immensely when people started to love his geeky attitude and witty comments. He would answer people’s queries live on air with a touch of humor and exceptional simplicity.

Eventually with time, as Mr.Pirillo’s understanding of production and technology entertainment increased, he decided to leave the TechTV network to start experimenting on his own ideas and business ventures.


Chris Pirillo is also the owner of Lockergnome, which is a dedicated network of tech blogs, discussion forums, mailing lists and online communities. The website was registered by Chris back in 1996. The Lockergnome network has roughly above 100,000 members consisting of Geeks and technology enthusiasts, offering tips and tricks for software, website reviews, hardware, applications, operating systems and much more. Chris Pirillo has a team of expert writers who regularly contribute to the website by writing engaging articles for the community.


gnomedexChris Pirillo currently is the founder and maintainer of the organization called Gnomedex, which aims to bring together tech bloggers and geeks from all across the world to gather up at a conference each year. It is part of his Lockergnome website network.

Chris Pirillo has always been a very social person and that has showed in his commitment to bringing people together to talk about tech products, services, companies, latest news and rumors and everything related to social media activities.

Chris Pirillo’s Expertise

Leading technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and PayPal have repeatedly acknowledged and recognized the value that Chris Pirillo provides to his followers and the resultant influence he has on computer geeks and amateurs from across the globe. Chris has now crossed the 200,000 subscribers mark on his YouTube channel and has a dedicated following of over 100,000 people on his Twitter account. On YouTube, his total video views amount to over 127 million which clearly confirms the interest of people in his valuable content.

Chris Pirillo on average publishes around a 1000 videos every year on his YouTube channel and has even achieved the ‘Top 100 most subscribed channel’ distinction. Some of his videos have amassed over 5 million unique views, and has an average viewing time of around 25 minutes per viewer. Apart from his regular video postings, Chris also has a dedicated live stream broadcasted through Ustream 24 hours a day at

youtubeChris has managed to create a very strong reputation in the online arena and has a very dedicated following on all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and particularly YouTube. His style of communicating his views on the latest technology news is loved by his followers. He has the knack of explaining complex issues and problems in a very simple way.

With his fan following increasing continuously at a rapid pace, Mr. Pirillo will continue to be a strong influence in the online community for a long time to come.

Chris Pirillo is an expert at answering tech related questions and regularly creates highly engaging discussions with his loyal community. People trust his opinions and act on the suggestions he gives on certain products and services. Chris has been known to advertise various products and services while maintaining an unbiased view. Over the years, Chris Pirillo’s hard work and achievements have allowed him to provide timely, reliable and accurate information that people have no problems in accepting. Chris does his best to remain updated and provide quality content.

Chris has written several books (eBooks and traditional) on technology and instruction books on general How To’s and guides. He has co-authored ‘Online! The Book’ with famous technology experts, John C. Dvorak and Wendy Taylor.

Since January 2011, Chris began hosting his very own video streaming show called “HelpDesk with Chris Pirillo” which is hosted at Microsoft’s Channel 9 website. The community is mainly used to promote discussions among die-hard Microsoft customers and certified Microsoft developers and creators. Chris has also featured regularly on “CoolHotNot Tech Xperts” providing his opinions and views on various consumer electronic products and services.

Chris has over the time been quite outright in his opinions, while providing practical knowledge to focused audiences including Web Developers, IT professionals, small business owners etc. He has dedicated himself to passionately service the tech community in helping them to decide between what is right and what is wrong.

You can follow him on his YouTube channel or just search for Chris Pirillo on Google to see all his social network properties.

How to get in touch with Chris Pirillo?

Have you been finding it hard to get in touch with Chris Pirillo? Are you looking to get hold of Chris to share your opinions with him and ask him anything that he might be of help to you? Chris Pirillo gives you great value and you can easily benefit from it.

We will guide you on how and where to contact Chris Pirillo by using the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’, which holds that every person on this planet is only six connections away from anyone else! That means YOU can have a connection to Chris.

Watch the video below to learn more about the concept!


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