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Most people consider their contacts to be valuable only in terms of networking. But what if I say that each of your contacts has a monetary value and you can earn through them? People get stunned whenever I say this and your reaction would certainly be no different. By now you would have started questioning the integrity of this information.  I will ask you to hold your thoughts and verify it yourself by visiting

“Protect your contacts” feature on allows you to tap the potential of your contacts to make you money. How would I earn? You don’t even have to do much just click on protect your contacts button and see the money roll in for the rest of your life. pays you every single time someone from your protection list gets contacted. In essence more protected contacts means greater chances of earning. The lone condition is that anyone can be protected by one person only. Let’s say if John is a common contact of Ben and Martin on Facebook. Whoever amongst the two gets to protect John first will get a share of his earnings every time someone contacts him on The other one loses the opportunity to earn through John. Therefore protect your contacts now before someone else beats you to it and earn money effortlessly.

We have been getting a lot of feedback by our users on the “Protect your contacts” feature name. Some say that it’s good but is not reflective of the concept and does not intrigue the users enough to take any action. Therefore we have decided to change the name of this feature and in the process we have shortlisted a few names suggested by our existing users:

  1. Earn from friends
  2. Lifelong Earnings
  3. Value of your network
  4. Network value
  5. Friend currency
  6. Friend bank
  7. Contact money
  8. Friend exchange
  9. Friends worth
  10. Valuable friends
  11. Leaching
  12. Friend brokers
  13. Friends store
  14. Profitable relationships
  15. Profit from friends
  16. Profit from contacts
  17. Earn per friend
  18. Earn per contact

Let us know if you like any of the above listed names or if you have any other suggestions. Email or leave us a comment on


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