Aaron Lee – Founder of AskAaronLee.com


The ever-changing world of social media

Social media has become a very important aspect of promoting products/services and increasing a brand’s awareness to its potential audience. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have millions of users onboard and it makes sense for business to do the same.


Social media marketing and promotion can be on both personal and a business level. However, it is recommended to keep things simple and personal to get the most benefit. From a networking angle, social media can help you make contacts that help you make friends with others sharing similar interests.


This is where the need for online business minded people (technically called as social media experts) comes in. These experts can use their know-how of social networks and their influence to increase awareness of a particular brand.

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Aaron Lee – Founder of AskAaronLee.com

Directly.me is featuring Mr. Aaron Lee and attempting to see how his expertise and experience on social networks help businesses and how you can connect with him and his network.


Aaron is a social media consultant from Malaysia and the owner of the blog called AskAaronLee. He regularly writes on his blog about the latest trends in the world of social media. He says his aim is to help businesses humanize their actions (You can read about his opinion on this matter on his blog). He gives social media advice to both individuals and businesses.


Aaron Lee is a passionate guy with a strong understanding of growing a business on the various social networks. He is also a part of Leneys, an apparel company that he co-founded in the year 2011, with his girlfriend.


Aaron Lee has a very strong network on all the major social networks, most notably on Twitter where he has more than 278 k followers. He joined twitter back in 2009 and since then has considerably increased his network of friends. Aaron mostly shares tweets about social media and how it can be used to advantage for a business.


Get connected with Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is connected with other social media experts and influencers like him. Getting in touch with Aaron Lee will help you get connected with people who share similar interests.


Directly.me will guide you through the process of connecting with people like Aaron Lee. We provide a simple but effective platform to connect with people that may seem out of reach, to share your ideas. We specialize in making connections between people by using the six degrees of separation concept. According to this theory, we all are connected to each other through a chain of six connections or even less.



This means that you connect to anyone you want. If you want to connect to Mr. Aaron Lee, (or anyone else for that matter), we will guide you through the process of managing each of your connections to reach him easily.


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Directly.me gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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Directly.me gives you a platform to connect with anyone, even celebrities!. Share Ideas, propose a project, ask for advice and get connected!

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