10 of the Top-Earning Comedians in United Kingdom

A comedian or sometimes plainly referred to as a comic, is a person who entertains a crowd, primarily with his ability to crack jokes, make sarcastic comments and viewing life from a different perspective. As the popular saying goes, “People say funny things, a comedian says things funny”, which kind of clears the importance of the commitment level a comedian must put in to his work.

Making people laugh is a serious business, and it has a serious level of money involved in it. Comedians earn a good amount of money for their talent and skill.


In these times of recession, comedians based in the UK for example, are still laughing on their way to the bank!


These comedians are best at what they do and can make you forget all your worries in an instant; and for that reason alone, they deserve the attractive amount of salary they get.

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The 10 Top-Earning Comedians in the UK

10. Omid Djalili (£3.5 Million)

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Omid Djalili comedian Aged 46 with a total net income of £3.5 Million, Omid Dijalili is a popular British comedian of Iranian Origin. His parents gave birth to him in Chelsea, London. He attended the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Ireland from where he graduated in English and Theatre studies. Omid is married to a British actress Annabel Knight, having two sons and a daughter.


Omid had a huge amount of success on his performance for “A Strange Bit of History” for which he won the ‘Spirit of The Fringe’ award at Edinburgh Festival back in 1994. Since then, Omid has become the best in the business with a chain of highly successful shows.


Omid is also actively involved in writing, film and television roles. His role in ‘Sex and the City 2’ was applauded by his legion of fans.


9. Russell Brand (£4 Million)

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Russel Brand ComedianRussell Brand, aged 36, (and the former husband of American singer Kate Perry, now filed for divorce) is an English actor, singer, writer, TV host, and a comedian. Russell’s chance at worldwide fame came in 2004, when he hosted the UK’s Big Brother spinoff series called “Big Brother’s Big Mouth.


His first major movie role came in 2007 in St. Trinian’s. However, he got in the US limelight with his role in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. His recent movie, “Arthur” was also a huge success. Currently, he is on a £1.8 Million deal for the sequel to his book “My Booky Wook”, and also hosts a radio show (TalkSport) on Saturdays.


8. Eddie Izzard (£4 Million)

Eddie Izzard comedianCurrently aged 49, Eddie, is a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor from Britian. He currently plays a lead role in the US TV comedy series, “United States of Tara”. His style of comedy involves mostly rambling, self-referencing pantomime and witty monologue patterns.


He has appeared in many movies like Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Shadow of the Vampire, Across the Universe, Valkyrie, and The Chronicles of Narnia. He has also done a couple of voice-overs for the hit animation TV show, The Simpsons.


7. Frankie Boyle (£4.5 Million)

Frankie Boyle Comedian Aged 39, Frankie Boyle is a Scottish writer and comedian, most popularly known for his controversial form of humor. He had been on the permanent panel on “Mock the Week” for seven seasons and has also made guest appearances on highly popular game panels like “Would I Lie To You?”, “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”, “Have I Got News For You?” & “8 Out of 10 Cats”.


Mr. Boyle regularly writes for The Sun as a columnist and opinion maker, with his articles focusing mainly on politics, religion and social life; of course all with a humorous touch. His book, “My Shit Life So Far” has been a huge success as well.


6. Steve Coogan (£5 Million)

Steve Coogan ComedySteve Coogan is a comedian, writer, actor and a film producer. His two most recent big budget Hollywood movies were “The Other Guys” & “Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief”. Coogan also plays a regular role in the US TV comedy show called Neighbors from Hell, depicting the role of Satan.


Born in Manchester, Steve started his career as basically a stand-up comedian, with primarily doing impressions of others. During his early career, he got famous from creating his own unique comic characters, which led him to win the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh festival in 1992.


5. Jimmy Carr (£5 Million)

Jimmy Carr Comedian Jimmy Carr, probably the hardest working comedian in the industry, performs almost 300 stand-up shows per year. He belongs from an Irish-English origin and is popularly known for his dark humor and the frequent use of one-liners. Apart from doing comedy, he is also an active writer, and TV show presenter.


Jimmy Carr’s career took off in early 2000, when he established himself as a pure stand-up comedian by appearing in a number of TV shows, most notably in “8 out of 10 Cats”.


4. Lee Evans (£5.5 Million)
Lee Evans comedy

Lee Evans is an English writer, musician, actor and comedian with an total net income of £5.5 Million. Lee rose to international fame in the 1990’s with his loud and energetic stage stand-up comedy performances. He has won the Perrier Comedy Award for his comedic performances at the Edinburgh Festival.


Evans broke the world record in 2005 (November) for the biggest audience gathered to watch a solo-act; performing for more than 10,000 people.


3. Ricky Gervais (£7 Million)

ricky gervais comedianAged 50 and still going strong, Ricky Gervais is a popular English actor, director, musician, writer and most famously, a comedian. He achieved worldwide recognition for his adaptation of TV series, “The Office, which he wrote, directed and even acted as a role of David Brent. He has also featured in numerous Hollywood movies including his lead role for ‘The Invention of Lying”.


Ricky Gervais runs his own TV comedy show called “The Ricky Gervais Show, and has won many awards including 7 BAFTA awards, 2 Emmy awards, 5 British comedy awards, and 3 Golden Globe awards among some of the most notable.


Ricky became the 1st British person ever to host the Golden Globe awards in 2010, with a return again in 2011 & 2012.


2. Rowan Atkinson (£7 Million)

Rowan Atkinson Mr BeanYou might know him more for his role as the famous “Mr.Bean, but Rowan Atkinson has been a part of numerous other comedy shows like “Not the Nine O’Clock News”, “Blackadder”, and “The Thin Blue Line”. His movie adaptations of Mr. Bean and a the “Johnny English” franchise have also been critical successes.


Atkinson, in real life is quite a mature personality, which might come as a shock to his fans seeing him in his idiotic attire in most of his shows. Personally, a huge motorsports fan, Rowan Atkinson owns a large collection of classic and modern sports cars.


Rowan Atkinson earns a total £7 Million every year, which is not surprising as he still gets the pension for his performance as Mr. Bean, years after the initial production.


1. Sacha Baron Cohen (£8 Million)

Sacha Baron Cohen borat ali g bruno Sacha is widely recognized for his 3 amazing fictional roles as Ali G, Borat and Bruno and for that he still amasses a huge amount of money. People love his characters because of unorthodox attitude and view on things. He is a writer, voice-artists, impressionist, actor and a stand-up comedian.


Sacha Baron has made a considerable amount of money from his movie successes and has won a number of awards, including a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for best actor among many nominations.

After finding out that he was being associated a bit too much with his 3 fictional characters, he decided to retire all three (Ali G, Borat, and Bruno) after their respective movie releases.


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